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2 Room Escape Games You Could Organize at the Office

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The trend of room escape games is definitely something that has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Why spend your Friday night at home watching a horror movie or a thriller, when you could be part of one instead? Escape rooms allow you to experience the mysteries of old Egypt, or be a part of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, all of that while solving puzzles and working with your friends as a team. If you want to show your employees a good time at the next office party, allow us to suggest two room escape games that you could organize in the building.

Room Escape Games to Organize at the Office

1. Kidnapped Co-worker

One of your co-workers has been kidnapped by aliens, and now they are holding him or her hostage. They have agreed to release him only after you provide them with a device that they can use to control humans. The device was found by your coworker (let’s call him Mark) a year ago. He has been hiding it ever since. Why? Because he knows what would happen to the human race if the aliens were to get their hands on it. However, under torture, Mark had to reveal the location of the object to the aliens. They are now fast approaching the office.

Mark has managed to let you know that the device is hidden in the office and that there are clues that he devised that only you, as his co-workers, will be able to understand. If you follow the clues, they will lead you to the device. Ultimately, they will help you protect humankind from the threat of an alien invasion.

2. Serial Killer Hunt

You are somewhat of a Sherlock Holmes. Someone has hired you to look into a murder case where the details are quite foggy. The last tip you received from a mysterious man you met at a bar has led you to an abandoned cabin somewhere at the outskirts of town. Your informer told you that this is where the killer usually hides. However, you don’t really have any other clues, nor the possibility of arresting the killer without a warrant.

The only choice you have if you want to stop this person from killing other innocent people is to inspect the cabin as soon as possible. In the cabin, you’ll find more clues that can help you uncover the identity of the killer. They can ultimately take you one step closer to his arrest. However, if you don’t want to risk being one of his victims as well, you have to hurry. You only have 60 minutes, so bring along a team of people and work together to find the clues.

We hope these escape room scenarios will prove to be really fun for your employees. Remember to include all sorts of interesting clues, such as secret messages, crossword puzzles, maps, songs, and so on. You could also make things even more exciting by hiring actors to play the villains.

If you want to find out how professional escape room creators put everything together, take a look at the video below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles