3 Relaxation Techniques for Boosting Your Productivity

3 Relaxation Techniques for Boosting Your Productivity

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One cannot overlook the power of relaxation. And even though it sounds like a paradox, relaxation techniques can also be used to increase your productivity. While you may be well aware of this idea, it’s also important to note, the traditional way of relaxing cannot typically fit into our busy work schedule. Yoga, a power nap, and all other sorts of meditation techniques are great, but you can’t go home in the middle of the day, to do them.

Therefore, we have compiled this fantastic list of relaxation techniques which you can use to boost your productivity.

Great Relaxation Techniques for Boosting Your Productivity

1. Try Square Breathing

This relaxation technique is quite easy to undergo. All you need to do is take a few minutes off, go to a quiet corner or the park and sit down. Then you must focus on your breathing. Always keep in mind that you must breathe by using your abdomen, not your chest.

The second stage of square breathing asks you to focus on how fast and how hard you are drawing breath. Now we have come to the reason why this particular relaxation technique is called square breathing. You must do the following. Breathe in while you are counting to four. Breathe out for the same number of seconds. Pause for another four. Start over.

If you want, you can also draw a few pictures of some squares while you are breathing. Combining these relaxation techniques will boost your productivity in no time.

2. Try Progressive Relaxation of the Muscles

The second relaxation technique we have listed is aimed at people who suffer from intense mental stress as well as physical soreness. It will help you enter a thoroughly relaxed state, and you will feel all your stress melting away. Needless to point out, feeling this comfortable will also trigger a boost in your daily productivity.

Here is how this technique works. Seeing as you are already sitting at your desk, you can start with your lower legs. Tense up the muscles in your calves. Hold it until you count to twenty. If you start feeling pain before you reach twenty, you can stop. Relax the muscles. Move up the length of your body, continuing with your thigh muscles, buttocks, core, arms, and chest.

When you finish, you will see just how relaxed you are from a physical point of view.

3. Try Guided Imagery

The last entry on our relaxation techniques list revolves around guided imagery. It’s a bit like daydreaming, only that it has a purpose in mind. Here is how it works.

If for example, it’s morning time and you have a meeting with a person you hate in the afternoon, you can try guided imagery. Visualize the meeting itself and picture the encounter going well for you.

Tip – remember that every single guided imagery session needs to have a positive ending for it to work. Don’t stop in the middle and use your happy place.

Relaxation techniques are perfect for boosting your productivity in a safe and natural way. Instead of relying on caffeine and other adjuvants to help get you through the day, why not try these fantastic relaxation techniques?

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Author: Amanda Knowles