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5 Tips on Reading Facial Expressions and What to Look Out For

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Read facial expressions can be extremely useful in a variety of different settings. Being able to approach the right people in a crowded meeting or learning to avoid someone who looks like they might snap, all great reasons to become familiar with different facial expressions. Even if the other person doesn’t say a word, knowing how to identify their mood could help you to interpret what is going on instantly in that room.

1. That Happy Feeling

Despite the occasion, a happy person is easy to spot in a crowded room, even if they are not talking or smiling. Take a close look at the happy person’s face and you will see that a small wrinkle tends to run from the outer lip to the end of the nose. A happy person will have raised cheeks, crows feet at the corners of the eye, or the eyelids will be wrinkled. Even if they are trying to hide it, you can now easily spot a happy person in any room.

2. Confirming Sad Feelings

A sad person doesn’t have to tell you their stories of disappointment, you can read it instantly on their face. Furthermore, studies have shown that of all the emotions, sadness it the hardest to fake. When you recognize the eyebrows that draw in and up, corners of the lips turning down, and the skin under the eyebrows has a triangle shape, this is the face of a sad person.

3. Spotting a Person in Contempt

Contempt is a fancy word for hate, and being able to tell if a coworker has contempt for the boss, a coworker, or even you, is simply achieved by reading facial expressions. To spot a person brewing with hate or who just might snap any second, look for one corner of the mouth slightly more raised than the other side, like a half-smile.

4. Walking Away from Disgust

Being able to determine when another person is disgusted gives you the chance to walk away from a confrontation that could result. The disgusted individual gives off unique facial expressions, but you have to spot them quickly. Look for the eyebrows being downcast, the eyes narrowing from the lower eyelid raised, and the nose slightly scrunched.

5. Caught by Surprise

Identifying an individual is truly surprised is simple when you look closely at their facial expressions. So, the surprised individual has their eyebrows curved and slightly raised. Look closer at the skin below their brow, it will be stretched with horizontal wrinkles across their forehead. The surprised person’s eyelids are wide open so the whites of the eyes are showing. In extreme cases, the mouth will be slightly open with teeth parted.

What you will discover about reading facial expressions is that you can make the best of good situations and avoid confrontations in other situations. Keeping a close eye on what signals the other person is giving off gives you the advantage to proceed accordingly.

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Author: Amanda Knowles