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Experts Share 4 Questions to Ask Employer During Interview

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As an HR expert, there are plenty of interview questions to ask interviewee. But what if you’re on the other side? Many people are afraid to ask their interviewer questions, but this can be an essential thing for your chances to get the job. Today we are going to show you a couple of questions to ask employer during interview to show that you care and want to be informed about the position. They are suggested by experts in the field, so stay tuned.

What Questions to Ask Employer During Interview?

1.What Are the Biggest Challenges the Company/Department Faces Right Now?

We know this is a rather uncomfortable question for the interviewer, but it’s very helpful for you as an interviewee. You can see what trends and issues are now in the industry and maybe see what skills come in handy for the job. This is what Pamela Skillings claims. Through her experience as a top interview coach, she says this also proves your interest not only in doing your job but in achieving performance.

2. How Would You Describe a Typical Day and Week on This Job?

Alison Doyle is a highly respected career expert. She knows a lot about interviews, resumes, cover letters, networking, etc, and she thinks this is a major question you should ask. Through it, you can find out more details about the level of stress, the colleagues, the atmosphere at work and so on. Moreover, you can tell if you’re the right person for the job or not, and so will the employer.

3. What’s the Most Important Thing I Can Accomplish in the First 30/60 Days?

This is one of the best questions to ask employer during interview. John Kador is a business writer with plenty of best-selling books, and he claims this question is essential for your chances at work. It will impress the employer since it shows that you are results-oriented and care about your achievements here.

4. Who Are Your Major Competitors? How Are You Better?

Peter Harrison is the CEO of Snagajob and has plenty of experience in this field. His recommendation is to ask the employer about their main competitors and how do they stack against them. Most employers don’t expect this question, but this can show you how well-prepared the interviewer is. They can elaborate about their culture and profit, and from this, you can tell whether they’re on the market for the long run or not. The most important thing is that it proves you want to help the company meet their biggest goals.


It’s not an easy task to choose questions to ask employer during interview. However, they represent the element that can make or break the sealing of the deal. Do your homework beforehand, do some research about the company and think about what’s important to you. Any competent HR specialist will appreciate your interest in the company and the job. Moreover, you secure yourself an advantage over the rest of the candidates, especially since not many people ask questions at the interview.

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Author: Amanda Knowles