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Top 5 Project Management Articles Every PM Should Read

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If you’re in need of a good read that can keep you on top of your project management skills, you’ve come to the right place. As we’re nearing the end of 2017, we thought we’d round up for you a few project management articles published recently that have great and valuable content and which will undoubtedly up your game.

1. 3 Ways AI Will Change Project Management for the Better | VentureBeat

Yes, artificial intelligence is becoming a reality. Not only that, but it’s seeping into our culture so much and so fast that it’s even worth considering its roles in project management. This is a highly interesting article that speaks about how artificial intelligence can take over the daily tasks of a project manager and eliminate the need for a human touch.

2. 8 Common Project Management Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them | CIO

No project manager is without fault. Always remember that. No matter how good you think you are or how hard you try, you might even be making some mistakes without realizing it. That’s why it’s worth checking out this type of article once in a while to see if you can find yourself in it or not. Are your behavior patterns on the list?

3. 13 Project Management Terms You Should Know [Infographic] | Hubspot

While we do agree that being a good project manager involves a lot of talent and predisposition for this kind of job, we also know that you need to have the technical part of it locked down. In other words, you need to know that terms. Go through this infographic to see how many of them you recognize.

4. 25 Best Asana Alternatives for Project Management Software (Free & Paid) | Workzone

What do you and your team use in terms of software when it comes to working on different projects? You send emails to each other, and you might share some documents in Dropbox and Google Drive. But what about some more professional pieces of software? Learn all about Trello, Workzone, ClickUp, ProofHub, Wrike, and much more from this comprehensive article.

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5. How Millennials Are Changing Project Management | Tech Republic

We know what you’re going to say. The millennials again! But you might want to read this one. Among the many project management articles that you might come across in 2017, this one about how millennials are reshaping the PM environment might actually draw your attention. All studies point to the fact that the working structures will change drastically because millennials have no patience for boring jobs, nepotism, hidden agendas, corporate structures that are too rigid for their own good, and so on. Trust us. This is one you want to read.

Evidently, there are many project management articles published in 2017 that are deserving of a bit of attention and time. However, we suggest you make these ones your priority, mainly because of their content. They tackle extremely topical and current issues such as humans being replaced by artificial intelligence in the PM jobs and how millennials will completely change structural jobs once they take over the market. Enjoy!

Author: Amanda Knowles