6 Professional Growth Blogs Worth Bookmarking

6 Professional Growth Blogs Worth Bookmarking

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There isn’t any set schedule or path to take when planning your own professional growth. You might be at the starting point of your professional life, looking for a new career or looking to advance at your current job. Regardless of the position you are currently in, these resources can put you in a position to succeed.

That being the case, we have compiled a list of the best professional growth blogs you should take a look at. We have split the blogs into three categories.

The Best Professional Growth Blogs

Handling Life at Work

#1. Bob Sutton’s Work Matters

Bob is a Ph.D. at Stanford and keeps this one of a kind blog. He teaches you how to deal with all those pesky people whom you just cannot stand in the workplace. We all have at least one of those. More than once we’ve thought about how we should react. Now, if you read Bob Sutton’s blog carefully, you will know.

#2. Gruntled Employees

Gruntled Employees is a terrific blog designed for managers or for people who simply have to deal with other individuals in the workplace on a daily basis. The person who started the blog is Jay Shepherd, a lawyer. He will give you all the advice you need to get through your work day and see a considerable professional growth.

Professional Growth and Career Development

1. Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk has founded four startups so far, and she has appeared on BBC and CNN. Her blog will give you a tip or two on how to address the issues that bother you in the workplace.

2. Jibber Jobber Blog

Apart from being an awesome blog, Jobber Jobber will also act as a personal relationship manager for you and your career. It will always have your professional growth in mind and help you if you are actively looking for a job.

Job Skills

1. Pongo Resume Blog

As its name suggests, the Pongo Blog will help you improve your resume, provided you keep reading it religiously. Apart from that, it will also give you excellent tips when it comes to interviews so that you can ace them.

2. 21st Century Job Market

This insightful blog takes a look at the job skills which the job market of today requires. If you’re interested in professional growth, this is the blog you should be reading. It will help you find your personal niche based on your skills and teach you how to become your own employer.

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Author: Amanda Knowles