Skyrocket Your Productivity: 6 Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

Skyrocket Your Productivity: 6 Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

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There are a multitude of things successful entrepreneurs can teach you. Their stories have flooded the internet in the past few years, and they have become the role models of a new generation. The best tip anyone can bestow upon you is to soak up all the advice they have to offer. From starting your own business with very little money to trading and upping your profits, successful entrepreneurs have a lot to say. Let’s take a look at what they have to say on productivity.

1. Go Out for Lunch

Taking breaks is paramount. Every day, you should take the break and dedicate it to your lunch. Don’t bring your work with you, as it’s crucial to clear your head, while you’re out. This ‘exercise’ can maximize your productivity, upon your return.

2. Meditate

When was the last time you meditated? Never? Start now! It will clear your mind, bring awareness, as far as your priorities are concerned, and it soothes the soul. Take a small break during your day and meditate for 10 minutes. Watch your productivity go through the roof.

Successful entrepreneurs, who practice meditation, profess the benefits of helping them stay balanced and be more productive.

3. Are You Able to Delegate?

If the answer is YES, then do it now. Start delegating tasks to an assistant, team member or colleague. Hire an intern. A motivated intern will help however they can. The benefit is two-fold; they allow you concentrate on important tasks and you provide them with valuable, on-the-job experience.

4. Sleep as Much as You Can

Your productivity levels throughout the day will be boosted if you get a good night’s sleep (preferably six to eight hours). Don’t stay out late and don’t watch TV before bedtime. Next day you will feel rested and full of energy.

5. Similar Tasks Should Be Handled in Bundles

For example, let’s say you have to go to the supermarket tomorrow. Try to find all sorts of other chores which you can solve on your way there. You can wash your car, pick up your dry cleaning, and buy some dog food at the same time.

Once you get accustomed to this way of handling things, you can translate it into your business life.

6. No Means No, Say Successful Entrepreneurs

Remember one crucial thing: progress will not be possible if you keep on saying yes at all times. If there are unimportant things or something that you know will take up a lot of your time, say no. In the same way, if you don’t feel like doing something in that particular moment, you are also entitled to refuse.

Any additional task or one which you don’t want to do will take up more of your time than it should and utterly overthrow your entire schedule.

All successful entrepreneurs have achieved their goals via hard work, dedication, and little secrets of the trade. One of these small secrets is related to productivity. Can it honestly skyrocket? If you stop procrastinating and abide by our lessons, it will.

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Author: Amanda Knowles