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3 Productivity Myths to Stop Believing that Have Been Proven Wrong

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The early bird gets the worm. How many times have we heard this and other such mantras repeated to us over and over until they sank into our brains and we actually began believing them? It’s time to stop because science is here to prove them all wrong. Here are X productivity myths you need to stop paying attention to right now according to science.

1. Getting up Early to Be More Productive

We’re starting with the most well-known myth – the fact that the earlier you rise, the more productive you will be. Actually, it’s not true. We have simply been socialized into believing that, probably as a result of the industrial society we lived in before this one and the agrarian one we lived in before the industrial one. Both required working men and women to wake up literally at the crack of dawn to make the most use out of sunlight as they could.

In 2011, there was a study in the journal Thinking & Reasoning. It shows that to be productive you need to work in those hours that are best for you – morning, afternoon or evening.

2. You Can Only Be Productive in an Office

The myth of the office has to go according to scientists, especially in the day and age in which we are living right now. Remote work is a staple of modern day and HR reps and bosses who think that ‘if I can’t see them they might not be working,’ have to change their mindset.

The Journal of Consumer Research published a study which shows the following. The gentle and soothing ambient noise of our own home or a coffee shop that a person does not have to interact with and can completely distance himself from actually improves productivity. It is opposed to the bustle of an office where people talk to you all the time, ask you to do things, and so on.

However, once again you must do what is best for you. If you find comfort in an office, go there every day. If not, find your perfect workplace and lobby with your boss to let you work from there.

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3. Disconnect from the Internet to be More Productive

According to science, here’s some more hogwash on our list of productivity myths. Many people will try to convince you that information overload on the Internet is definitely a bad thing. It’s worth mentioning that most of those people are trying to sell books so the irony should not be lost on us. They say that the Internet is changing the way we look at information. Simply put, we have stopped learning, memorizing or thinking critically because now we have the Internet which does all that for us.

A study from Columbia University did admit that it is true. We do research facts instead of committing them to memory. However, that is not a bad thing, nor does it affect your productivity in terms of intelligence. In fact, it has nothing to do with your intelligence. If you can still use those facts and interpret them for yourself, you should be good to go.

For example, Albert Einstein was once asked if he can recall the speed of sound from memory. He promptly replied that he doesn’t bother learning such types of information because he can readily find it in books. Therefore, don’t be so quick to dismiss the Internet as the source of your procrastination.

Evidently, there are so many more productivity myths out there that still need to be debunked by science. We stopped at these because we could provide you with the necessary studies to prove them wrong. Let us know in the comment section below what myth do you think should be discontinued?

Author: Amanda Knowles