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4 Entrepreneurs Open Up About the Problems With Millennials in the Workplace

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Problems with millennials in the workplace are an often-encountered situation among entrepreneurs. Whether they’re older or younger, many business owners and managers agree that managing millennials in the workplace is a hard task. Today we are going to have a look at the most common issues a couple of entrepreneurs have had with them.

Common Problems with Millennials in the Workplace

1. They Don’t Respect the Old Workplace Rules

We all know the classic workplace rules: rigid office hours, meetings over meetings, strict dress codes, etc. Or at least we should. Ray Gillenwater was a corporate executive at Blackberry. Now he is the CEO of a tech startup, having plenty of experience in the field. In his opinion, one of the biggest issues with millennials is the fact that they don’t respect these rules. They don’t like doing things “just because”, so you must see what policies need to go.

2. Taking Criticism Poorly

Matthew Goldman is the CEO and co-founder of Wallaby Financial, a company that wants to help consumers make the most of their credit cards. Through his experience, he claims that millennials don’t know how to take criticism. And this is paradoxical since they mostly love to receive constant feedback. However, he claims that this is most likely an age thing, and that it might disappear in time.

3. Being Self-Sufficient

Joel Capperella works as the vice president of Yoh, a firm that focuses on staffing and recruiting. Through his 20-years’ experience in the workforce field, he says one of the biggest challenges he has met is millennials being self-sufficient. As an example, he brings a study that showed 61% of this category does not call company support immediately when they have an IT issue. However, Capperella says it’s not that bad since this means they can solve issues by themselves and thus, the company saves time and money.

4. They Depend on Mentors

Another one of the most unpleasant problems with millennials in the workplace is the fact that they need a mentor. Let’s take Suzan Shedid’s example. She is an analyst for The Palladium Group, as well as a youth development researcher. Unlike the other entrepreneurs, she tries to understand the millennial way of thinking. She took a survey and found out 94% of the respondents wanted a mentor in the workplace. This might be an issue, since you can’t have a mentor for each worker or the hierarchy may not allow this.


As we have seen, there are plenty of problems with millennials in the workplace. Whether they disobey the old, classical rules of an office or are too self-sufficient, they seem to pose a problem for many employers. Besides, they seem to take criticism poorly and to depend on their mentors a lot. The real issue is the fact that not every workplace offers the right mentors or can support this type of structure. All in all, it seems that the companies will have to adapt to the new mindsets if they want to keep growing great employees.

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Author: Amanda Knowles