What Is Problem-Solving Therapy and 3 Great Books That Discuss It

What Is Problem-Solving Therapy and 3 Great Books That Discuss It

problem-solving therapy

Therapy in general is a great way to learn how to cope with our issues and become more confident people. Which explains why there are so many types of therapy nowadays. Each of them focuses on helping you deal with different issues by using different techniques. For instance, one of the most well-known types of psychological treatment for businesspeople (but not only) is problem-solving therapy. As the name suggests, this type of therapy aims to help you solve your problems, regardless of their nature. Today, we’re going to talk about problem-solving therapy (PST)  and recommend three books that discuss this topic.

What Is Problem-Solving Therapy?

Problem-solving therapy is a type of psychological treatment that can help you cope with the negativity that certain events bring into your life. Regardless of whether your job is stressing you out, you lost someone close to you, or you’re going through a rough patch in your personal life, PST can teach you how to minimize the negative effects these situations have on you. Even if you’re looking for answers to questions such as “What is my life’s meaning?”, this type of therapy can still help you.

PST is effective for many types of issues. These include emotional distress, major depressive disorder, suicidal ideation, generalized anxiety disorder, personality disorders, relationship difficulties, and so on. As such, it can teach you some skills that you’re going to need in order to cope with your issues. You’ll learn how to make effective decisions, how to identify the obstacles that stop you from reaching your goals, and how to come up with creative ways of dealing with your problems.

Another general goal of problem-solving therapy training is to assist you in: finding what triggers your negative emotions, managing those emotions, cultivating hope about your ability to face difficulties, planning a way to resolve your issues, and decreasing your impulsivity.

3 Books Discussing Problem-Solving Therapy

1. Problem-Solving Therapy: A Treatment Manual

The Problem-Solving Therapy Manual written by Arthur M. Nezu PhD ABPP, Christine Maguth Nezu PhD ABPP, and Thomas D’Zurilla PhD shows you how professionals implement the strategies behind problem-solving therapy and what makes this treatment goal-oriented. The manual is designed for people with a wide range of issues, so it can be used both by professionals who are looking for ways to implement this type of therapy and people who are interested in reading more about it.

2. Problem-Solving Therapy

Problem-Solving Therapy 2nd Edition, by Jay Haley, highlights how people can solve their problems no matter the context they’re in, as long as they think in a goal-oriented and contextually sensitive way. The book is easy to read and it provides you with practical examples as well. This makes it a great resource for people who want to learn the basics of PST.

3. Problem Solving Therapy in the Clinical Practice

The final book we’d like to recommend is, Problem Solving Therapy in the Clinical Practice by Mehmet Eskin. It covers the role of this type of therapy in treating different types of mental illness. Moreover, it includes a couple of procedures that are characteristic of it, and a case study to help you assimilate the knowledge better.

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Author: Amanda Knowles