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Top 6 Problem Solving Activities to Help Your Team Grow

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Team building and problem solving activities are two ways in which you can bring your team of employees closet. Such endeavors can even cross some gaps between generations, improving communication. After doing some research, we decided to present you with a couple of suggestions of problem solving activities that can boost your company’s productivity.

1. Assemble the Square

This is one of those problem solving activities that envisages how your team coordinates and communicates among its peers. It takes as much as 10 minutes, and it is a fun activity to bring the members of your team even closer.

2. Lost at Sea

This activity helps increase your team’s decision-making and problem-solving skills. It is a role-playing game in which participants must pretend that they’re shipwrecked & stranded on a life boat. Through the role-play, it helps make the participants become aware of their analytic, negotiation and their soft skills (or active listening skills).

3. The Great Egg Drop

This is one of the classic problem solving activities in which the team is divided into smaller teams, and each team has to cooperate to build an egg protective container. Before the messier part of the game (the egg-dropping part), the teams have to present their solutions & reasoning as to why they believe that that solution is the best one.

4. What Would X Do

This activity focuses on creative thinking. Each participant has to pretend that they’re someone famous. The procedure is as follows: present one & same problem to each participant. Then, let them think of a solution. Afterward, ask them about what solution they came up with. This will surely be both amusing and educational, as it focuses on out-of-the-box thinking and critical thinking too.

5. Frostbite

One of the more enticing problem solving activities includes, naturally, a role-playing game. Having 1 blindfold and 1 packet of toothpicks, rubber bands, sticky notes, and other such items for multiple subdivided teams will do the trick. And also turn the lights off, this will prove trickier.

There are 4-5 teams of Arctic explorers that go across the icy Alps. There’s a storm approaching fast, and they have to create a shelter from the materials at hand. Each team has a leader that has frostbite. And each team member has snow blindness. This exercise focuses on collaboration and coordination. At the end, turn the lights back on and see who has built a better shelter.

6. Bridge It

The last item on our problem solving activities list is the Bridge It game. This game is a demanding one, as it challenges very high functioning groups. It demands strong communication & problem solving skills, while also developing the leadership skill.

The participants must be divided into two equal teams. Each team will receive the same amount of constructing material. That is, bridge constructing material. Each group has to communicate verbally or via notes about the construction process and level of accomplishment. Neither of the teams can see the other one working, so place a tarp between them. This is the tricky part, as it uses communication, comprehension, apprehension and creativity skills.

As you can see, each of these problem solving activities will surely demand lots of resources from your team. But, what’s even more important, it will help them achieve greater levels of creativity, analytical thinking, and adaptability skills.

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Author: Amanda Knowles