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4 Experts Weigh in on the Plummeting Levels of Employee Engagement

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We would all like to have employees that fully engage with the job and visibly work towards achieving the company’s goals. Unfortunately, not all employees are as engaged as we would want them to be. In fact, today’s workforce is witnessing plummeting levels of employee engagement. The most important thing to remember about this situation is that we can’t put the blame on either side. In order for the relationship between employer and employee to be a fruitful one, both parties have to work equally as hard and understand each other’s perspective. Today, we thought we would provide you with 4 expert views on this issue. Let’s look at some employee engagement activities that work!

4 Expert Views on Low Employee Engagement

1. Being Specific

According to Palgrave Communications and a study that they conducted in 2014, whenever students take the time to write down their goals, they achieve more and focus on what’s really important to them. We can easily apply this view to low employee engagement rates as well. One of the main reasons why employees fail to properly engage in the workplace is the lack of clear goals. Thus, managers should learn to formulate specific goals, which are realistic, measurable, and come with deadlines. If you want to help yourself by helping your employees, avoid being vague as much as possible.

2. Providing Feedback

The team behind the leadership organization Zenger Folkman surveyed 2.700 employees and employers to ask them their view on feedback. The results of the study show that most employees would be much more engaged if they were to receive appropriate feedback. For instance, 72% of the employees the company has surveyed answered that if their employers were to correct their work and provide relevant feedback, they would improve their performance.

3. Focusing on Strengths

Media giant Gallup came up with a similar survey in July 2016. The survey shows that if employers were to focus more on the strengths of their employees and try to provide them with appropriate tasks, employees would engage with the company better. This would make the business more successful as well. One of the mistakes that employers tend to make is assigning tasks that build on employees’ weaknesses instead of their strengths. Thus, you should make employees feel confident that they can accomplish a task. That way, they’ll be much more satisfied with their work and involved in the company. On the other hand, if employees dread the tasks you assign to them, they’ll never perform at their best.

4. Changing the Approach

As we’ve made perfectly clear with the help of the examples above, many companies would benefit from changing their approach towards performance management and coming up with new employee engagement strategies. According to a 2014 report coming from professional services company Deloitte, most executives believe that the current approach doesn’t properly engage employees. Similarly, it doesn’t motivate them to perform better either. One of the best employee engagement ideas would be to abandon annual reviews. Instead, companies could replace them with ongoing feedback between employers and employees.

We hope today’s guide has convinced you that you need to think about improving employee engagement in your company.

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Author: Amanda Knowles