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4 Positive Organizational Culture Examples to Inspire You

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Organizational culture is a set of beliefs and values which dictates how all employees must behave within a company. However, the one who instills it has to be the manager and he must know that in today’s world this is not an option. It’s a must. As millennials are coming hard from behind and taking over the working market, they expect a positive company culture as much as they expect their salaries and benefits. Therefore, here are some organizational culture examples to inspire you.

1. Zappos

The shoemaking company has become a haven for employees. Their company culture is outstanding. Zappos starts out by offering $2000 to every employee who wants to quit after one week if they feel it’s not the right place for them. Raises are given to those who can pass some skill tests and who have proven they have increased capabilities. Office politics are out of the question. Zappos also dedicates budget to team building.

2. Warby Parker

These guys have been selling prescription glasses since 2010. To keep employees happy, they organize all sorts of events, programs, and lunches so that everyone has something to look forward to. Their idea of team building builds on micromanaging. It means that they ask everyone to help clean break areas or they simply pair up random employees and send them out to lunch together. In this way, everyone gets to know everyone and work better together.

3. Southwest Airlines

Some more positive organizational culture examples come from Southwest Airlines. They are somewhat unique in the business. As we all know, airlines have an unlucky reputation for some of the unhappiest employees out there. They all report as being mistreated, overworked, and grumpy, which, in turn, leads them to offer poor customer service to people traveling by airplane.

However, Southwest Airlines’ employees report they are happy at their job. Plus, the company has permitted them to do whatever it takes to make passengers happy.

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4. Twitter

No other employees rave more about their company’s culture than the ones working for Twitter. They seem to have every perk available to a working man. Twitter offers very friendly coworkers, rooftop meetings, free meals at its headquarters in San Francisco, yoga classes, and even unlimited vacations for those who qualify. However, the employees’ favorite thing is still the fact that they get to work with brilliant minds which they can bounce ideas off, create new and amazing things, and feel like their work really matters. How cool is that?

Here are four positive organizational culture examples that should inspire you whether you are a young entrepreneur looking to start up a business or if you already have a company. Always remember that people work and perform better in an environment that was specifically designed to compliment them. Your best and most important asset are the people themselves. Without them, you would have no business. Therefore, why wouldn’t you invest in them?

Author: Amanda Knowles