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What are the 4 Best Online Donation Tools for Nonprofits?

online donation tools for nonprofits

Every year, online fundraising manages to gather millions of dollars as far as charitable giving is concerned for the nonprofit industry. Still, given the fact that there are so many options available, it might prove a bit more difficult than originally thought to find one that is the right match for your company. We have listed below four online donation tools for nonprofits you can choose from.

1. Fundly

Here’s a tool that has made crowdfunding as easy as you’ve ever dreamed it to be. It allows anyone to set up a page if they have a cause they believe in. If you have a non-profit and you are in need of some assistance to get started, then you can get FundlyPro. This is their VIP service. Their experts will gladly assist you one-on-one.

You should also know that it’s free to launch a campaign on Fundly. They charge a platform fee that is 4.9 percent. Their payment processing fees are an additional three percent for each transaction. FundlyPro costs a bit more. The price depends on the package you select.

2. Qgiv

This particular platform has been praised for its incredible versatility and low prices. Apart from that, it offers you a very flexible strategy that you can use while your organization grows. Taking into account the package you have selected, you can add some additional online donation tools for nonprofits. They include giving kiosks, fundraising thermometers, and peer-to-peer fundraising software.

Registration and standard package with Qgiv is free, as is their support.

3. Razoo

The great thing about Razoo is that it has built-in storytelling features as well as social sharing buttons, which will help get your cause across. If you want, you can use the Razoo page to manage the donation. Or you can use its widget if you want to manage everything from your own website or blog.

While it is free to set up an account with Razoo, you will have to pay four percent for a charitable donation. When it comes to processing fees for every transaction, you will be charged 2.9 percent plus $30.

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4. @Pay

One of the most amazing things about @Pay is that they understand how times change. The future is mobile, and they know it. That’s why their platform has mobile optimization. Therefore, you can take care of it while you’re on the go. The tool is fantastically easy to use, making is incredibly facile for a donor to give either on a laptop or using their tablet or phone. This is good news for you because @Pay has managed to reduce donor abandonment in this way.

You have unlimited donation pages and users, and the basic package is free. A payment processing fee costs 2.9 percent plus some $.30. In total, the Premium package will cost you $399 per year. Moreover, they are open to discussions about high volume discounts as well as costs about custom integration.

Here are our choices for the best online donation tools for nonprofits – @Pay, Razoo, Qgiv, and Fundly. However, these are just a few easy-to-integrate and low-cost ideas to get you started. Depending on the needs of your company, you can branch out and search for a solution that suits you best!

Author: Amanda Knowles