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3 Online Art Classes That Could Help You Deliver Better Presentations

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If what comes to mind when you think “art class” is learning how to paint or sketch, then allow us to present a different approach to the topic of art. Sure, art involves the two actions mentioned above. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other art forms that can be equally as important. For instance, if your job involves giving presentations regularly, then you know the struggle of designing them in such a way as to attract the viewers. A presentation should have a visual impact, as well as an auditory one. If you want to improve your presentation making skills, we’re here to help you out. In today’s article, we’re going to suggest 3 of the best online art classes that you can take to achieve just that.

3 Online Art Classes for Great Presentation Delivery

1. Colour Theory for Artists and Designers

This class that you can find on Alison.com teaches you the main principles and theories that designers use when it comes to colors. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a designer to benefit from it. Anyone who’s interested in visuals and how to improve them is welcomed to take this class. You will learn about light and color perception, focusing on elements such as lightness and chroma, visual perception of color, hue, brightness and saturation, subtractive and additive color mixing, and so on. The class contains both text and graphics, which makes it a really appealing choice for people who want to learn how to use colors in order to make their presentations stand out.

2. Graphic Design Fundamentals Overview for Beginners

Graphic design is definitely an art, albeit a much more recent one. A lot of business presentations can be improved by the use of graphic design. Which is why we recommend this class coming from CreativeLive. It’s perfect for people who don’t have any prior knowledge of graphic design and simply want to learn a few tips and tricks on how to create awesome designs. You’ll learn about the tools that you can use and about the creative process involved in making graphic designs. Moreover, you’ll find out what the main principles of this type of design are. Plus, you’ll be able to see these principles applied to an actual project. This will give you even more of an inside look into what it takes to create gorgeous graphic designs.

3. How to Create Marketing Materials for Small Businesses

If you’re in charge with delivering presentations that are meant to persuade people to become clients of the company you work for, then you’re going to love this art class that you can sign up to by accessing the CreativeLive website. The idea behind this class is that you’re always going to need compelling printed materials when marketing your business. Thus, you should know how to design them so as to appeal to more people. The materials have to have a cohesive look and captivating visuals. More importantly, they should reflect what your business is all about. If learning about this sounds like something you’d want, this class is definitely the right choice for you.

We hope at least one of the online art classes mentioned above has convinced you of the benefits of learning how to deliver presentations that will woo everyone.

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Author: Amanda Knowles