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5 Ideas for a Good Omni Channel Strategy

Omni Channel Strategy

In case you don’t know what is omni channel marketing, an omnichannel refers to a cross-channel business model. Companies use it to improve their customer experience. The approach can be used in government, healthcare or financial services and retail and telecom industries. It relies on various channels: social media, physical locations, mobile apps, phone communications and even FAQ web pages. The main principle of this strategy is to keep the customer connected constantly to the company through various channels simultaneously. Here you have some ideas for a good omni channel strategy:

Suggestions for a Good Omni Channel Strategy

1. Choose a Coherent Strategy

If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, the results will not be the ones you expect. You need to have a unique omni channel infrastructure, and as such you have to work closely with various departments inside your company. The IT department, the executives, the Marketing, Customer Service and any other staff that will have a central role in the experience need to set up a coherent omni channel experience.

2. Have a Customer Identity

An essential part of any omni channel digital strategy is to have a customer identity. You need to have a clear insight of your customer: what they like/dislike, what do they usually buy, how they behave on each channel, etc. Collect and analyze customer data which is relevant for your purpose. Then, you can build a buyer persona and thus assess what tools and strategies are suitable.

3. Improve the In-Store Experience

One thing you need to do is to improve the in-store experience. Many customers would like their real store shopping experience to resemble the virtual one: to be more flexible, easy to use and customized. Many stores are actually starting to use apps, which their employees use in order to get closer to customers. Some other apps offer customers information about the sales and events in-store while they are shopping, which is a good example of omni channel retailing.

4. Combine Local and Social

A huge amount of businesses don’t monitor, measure or analyze how effective their channels are. What you need to know is the fact that only one interaction between the business and customer can be defining. Make sure that any interaction is handled properly and the customer leaves satisfied. Always ask for the opinion of your customer and take it into account.

5. Integrate Your Channels

Regardless of the channels you choose to focus on for the omni channel strategy, you also need to make sure they are effective and that they work well together. Check if your web strategy can sustain the mobile one. Does your social strategy work well with the web one? Do they all match each other? If you notice an issue, ask an expert to advise you on how to make them work seamlessly.


All in all, the omni channel marketing strategy is quite a new entry on the market. Of course, it depends on each business what channels does it choose to keep in touch with its customers. But regardless of the ones you choose, you have to make sure they work well together. Don’t forget to have a clear idea of your customers and their wants and needs. You can also rely on direct mail marketing or niche marketing, but keep in mind these important guidelines.

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Author: Amanda Knowles