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Top 4 Non Verbal Communication Articles that Are a Must-Read

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Non verbal communication articles are extremely useful today. Whether we own a business, work in HR or simply interact with lots of people, we need to know about this. This kind of information can be applied in our personal lives as well. This is all the more reason to read on to our top non verbal communication articles.

Top Non Verbal Communication Article to Make You an Expert

1. Verbal and Nonverbal Communication of Deception

This article was written by Miron Zuckerman, Bella M. DePaulo, and Robert Rosenthal. Even though it was published back in 1981, it is still one of the best non verbal communication articles until this day. Though it focuses on deception and lying, it’s a useful guide to get the hints people don’t verbalize. Lie-detection is also a very interesting part of this article.

2. Non-Verbal Communication. Notes on the Visual Perception of Human Relations

Written by Jurgen Ruesch and Weldon Kees, the second entry in our top is worth reading. It starts off with the basics of non verbal communication. Moreover, it introduces the reader in a visual perception of human relations. For this reason, it’s an essential read for people who work in HR, but not only. As such, you should place it on your list if you want to have a better control of the messages you are sending.

3. Consistency of Personality In Interactive Characters: Verbal Cues, Non-Verbal Cues, And User Characteristics

The third article we are presenting you today is a work of Katherine Isbister and Clifford Nass. It is, in fact, a study published back in 2000. The authors wanted to see how people would interpret and react to non verbal cues in some interactive characters. Would it be the same as they do it with people? They mostly focus on the posture of the characters and further elaborate on their personality. Surprisingly, the study shows that people prefer characters with complementary personalities, not similar to their own. For more interesting results, check out the article.

4. An Empirical Investigation Of The Impact Of Non‐Verbal Communication On Service Evaluation

This is a great article for people working in a business. The authors are Gillian Hogg, who works at the Department of Marketing in Strathclyde, Scotland, and Mark Gabbott (Department of Business and Economics, Melbourne). It represents a great insight into the way in which consumers evaluate a service encounter. Non verbal communication is essential to the perception of participants to a certain event. In this context, you may want to check out this article and draw some ideas.


Finally, all the non verbal communication articles mentioned above are great resources. Even though some of them are rather old, many people have been using them over the years. And for good reason. They contain some useful ideas if you want to know more about non verbal messages. A good use would be to analyze your own non verbal behavior and see what messages you are putting across. Eventually, maybe you can even improve your business in this way.

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Author: Amanda Knowles