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5 Motivational People to Follow on Social Media

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Social media is inescapable these days and because of its ubiquity, there is a lot of content out there that can be less than stellar. However, there are also voices that need to be heard for their thought-provoking concepts, motivational speeches, and advocacy for a healthy lifestyle. So today we’ve put together a list of 5 motivational people you need to follow on social media for a unique view of the world.

5 Motivational People to Follow on Social Media

Deepak Chopra (Twitter account: @DeepakChopra)

Indian author Deepak Chopra needs no further introduction. His extensive knowledge and work on spirituality turned him into a household name in the United States. His Chopra Foundation is dedicated to “conscious caring” and his meditation events and mind-body workshops are available to anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Follow him on Twitter for daily insight into his philosophy and feel inspired.

Marci Shimoff (Twitter account: @Marci_Schimoff)

Marci Shimoff is one of New York Times’ bestselling author and a transformational leader whose passion for pursuing happiness is translated into her extensive work. One of the best motivational people out there, co-author of six of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Marci is a firm believer in lasting happiness that cannot be measured simply in material things or depend on certain achievements.

On her website happyfornoreason.com, Marci states:

One day in 2013 I realized that not only did I know how to help people create happiness and success but I also knew the formula for creating miracles—and this was what I really wanted to share with the world.

Follow Marci on Twitter and discover your path to fulfillment.

Victoria Moran (Twitter account: @Victoria_Moran)

Victoria Moran is an inspirational speaker that focuses mainly on personal growth and is a passionate spiritual life coach. She wrote 10 best-selling books and runs the yourcharmedlife blog on the beliefnet.com website. She also holds seminars and phone classes as guidance towards a better and happier life.

On the About section, Dr. Richard Carlon, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff writes:

Victoria transforms ordinary life into a set of extraordinary experiences.

Follow Victoria on Twitter for your daily motivation.

Marianne Williamson (Twitter account @marwilliamson)

Marianne Williamson has an impressive background in lending help to those who need it the most. She started the meals-on-wheel program called Project Angel Food that provided food for homebound people with AIDS back in 1989. Today, the Peace Alliance she co-founded is fighting in Congress for the establishment of a Department of Peace. Moreover, she serves on the Board of Directors of the RESULTS organization in the fight against world poverty.

As a spiritual author and lecturer, Marianne held speeches at several renowned universities and was a guest on talk shows, advocating for practicing forgiveness and committing ourselves to world peace. She also has 7 New York Times bestsellers on hope, forgiveness, and spirituality.

Follow Marianne on Twitter for her inspiring mission and activities.

Simon Sinek (Twitter account: @simonsinek)

Simon Sinek is a leadership expert with an interesting view on what being a leader means. Sinek believes that a good leader is meant to guide and support and not control and take center stage. His views on tolerance and building trust in an uneven economy earned him a spot on Ted Talks. The video conference amassed over 6 million views and hundreds of commentaries.

Sinek shares engaging thoughts on his Twitter, advocating for leaders to make their employees feel safe and inspire action. His latest book “Leaders Eat Last” further explores the concept of enhancing feelings of trust and confidence as a basis for taking bold decisions. He states:

I try to find, celebrate and teach leaders how to build platforms that will inspire others. 

Follow Simon Sinek on Twitter for his unique approaches.

Final Words

If you’re feeling uninspired and your social media feed is lacking in positivity, surround yourself with these motivational people and let your mind expand. The Internet can sometimes be overbearing and lackluster, but by following the right people, you get a taste of a unique brand and what it takes to reach that stage of imparting knowledge with others.

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Author: Amanda Knowles