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Top 6 Most Popular Ted Talks to Check Out

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Ted talks are perhaps one of the most popular channel of information these days. If you’re not watching it, most likely you have a friend or a relative who is. They are popular because they tackle lots of topics, from business to education, health, etc. Because of this, people all over the globe are interested in the subjects and keep a close eye on what talks appear new. Here you have a list of the most popular Ted talks you should check out if you haven’t already:

Most Watched Ted Talks

1. Ken Robinson – Do schools kill creativity?

This talk tackles a delicate topic for many countries, namely the educational system. The issue of creativity inside the school has been a long-debated one, so no wonder people are interested in that. Ken Robinson makes it a fun talk to watch, and no wonder this talk got more than 45 million views.

2. Amy Cuddy – Your body language may shape who you are

Amy Cuddy researches body language, and she offers an insight into this with her Ted talk on the topic. As a social psychologist, she stresses the “power posing” effect but also touches upon other interesting details. The talk reached 42 million views, so it’s something you should definitely watch.

3. Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action

Though the definition of leadership is not set in stone, it is an important concept for today’s world. Simon Sinek’s talk offers a simple and powerful model for the inspirational leadership. Going from Apple to Martin Luther King and the Wright brothers, it’s one of the most popular Ted talks, with 33 million views.

4. Brene Brown – The power of vulnerability

As a vulnerability researcher, Brene Brown brings us a talk with a focus on human connection. The talk is both poignant and funny and it will make you think twice about some things you thought they were in a certain way, but discover they aren’t. With 30 million views, no wonder we included it on our list of most popular Ted talks.

5. Mary Roach – 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm

Mary Roach claims some really interesting things about orgasm in this talk. Having written “Bonk”, she uses some obscure scientific research, making it a fun topic. Though it’s not recommended to underage or shy people, Roach’s talk still got 22 million views, which is impressive.

6. Jill Bolte Taylor – My stroke of insight

As a brain researcher, Jill Bolte Taylor has an interesting talk about her own stroke. Being a powerful voice when it comes to brain recovery, she witnessed her own brain functions fall apart one by one. Turning it into an extraordinary research opportunity, she is now bringing us her insight. The Ted talk was followed by more than 20 million viewers.


Just as we said in the beginning, the Ted talks touch upon some really sensitive topics. Whether we are talking about society at large or personal dramas and experience, you can surely learn something from all these examples. However, this is just a small amount of all the interesting talks out there, so make sure you check them out.

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Author: Amanda Knowles