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4 Mindfulness Activities for Groups to Try With Your Team

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Mindfulness is quite an important recent trend. It is, in fact, a mental state that is achieved by focusing the awareness on the present moment. The key here is to be calm and to accept your own thoughts, sensations and feelings. People use it as a therapeutic technique. It is a good idea to do it together with your team, for example, since it will strengthen the bonds within. Today we will present you a couple of suggestions of mindfulness activities for groups.

Mindfulness Activities for Groups to Strengthen Your Team

1. The Raisin Exercise

This is a great start for people who haven’t practiced mindfulness before. You can do it with anybody and use other types of food as well. Ideally, you should use a type of food that has an unusual or interesting taste, smell or texture. The facilitator has to provide all the participants with a few raisins. The participants should pretend they have never seen such a fruit before. The purpose is for them to pay attention to the feel of the raisin, the smell, taste, the looks etc. By focusing on the fruit in front of them, their minds will be free of other thoughts and worries.

2. The Body Scan

The body scan is one of the easiest mindfulness activities for groups. You don’t need any props or tools. The exercise can be done either by lying down, if you have the space to do so, or simply by sitting on a comfortable chair. Ask the participants to rest their feet on the floor. The purpose of the exercise is to make participants aware of their body. The facilitator needs to direct their attention to various parts of the body, starting with the toes and going up. Make them pay attention to the areas that hurt or are tingling.

3. Mindful Seeing

This is a simple exercise for which you need only a window with some kind of view. Make sure each participant has enough space to see properly out the window. The only requirement for them is to really see what is out there. Suggest them to forget that they have seen it before and to focus on new textures, colors, feelings. Notice the movement of the leaves or the grass depending on the breeze. Even though they get distracted, advise them to focus again on a certain color or pattern.

4. Mindful Listening

The last on our list of mindfulness activities for groups is mindful listening. Ask each participant to think of one thing that stresses them and one thing they are looking forward to. Then, they must share their moments with the entire group. Ask them to focus on how it feels to talk to the group, how they feel when talking about each moment. Finally, you can discuss the entire exercise and the details.


Mindfulness exercises are a great way of strengthening your team bonds. Moreover, they can help your employees be more relaxed and productive at work. Doing the exercises at work also transforms the space and makes participants more comfortable with it, separating it from the work-related stress. After all, the benefits of mindfulness are undeniable.

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Author: Amanda Knowles