Mindful Eating: A Technique Which Could Rebalance Your Life

Mindful Eating: A Technique Which Could Rebalance Your Life

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In today’s busy and chaotic world, it’s becoming increasingly hard to be mindful of how and what we eat. Oftentimes, we barely find the time to eat something on the run, not to mention actually sitting down for a proper meal. This style of mindless eating isn’t only bad for us physically, but it can also be bad for us psychologically. For instance, how many times have you felt guilty about eating junk food because you didn’t have time to cook? Today, we’re going to talk about mindful eating and how you can incorporate this technique into your daily life.

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What Is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating entails paying attention not only to what we eat, but also to how we eat it. It’s a practice that underlines the importance of properly choosing the food we eat. Not only that, but also understanding its effects on our body. In order to eat mindfully, you have to be aware of when your body is asking for food, and when it tells you it’s time to stop eating. Then, you have to stop judging yourself for liking or disliking certain foods, and simply accept that these are natural reactions.

Mindful eating also entails using all of your senses both when you eat, and when you choose the food you’re about to eat. When making this choice, don’t only focus on what’s nutritious for your body, or only on what you like to eat. Try to balance both characteristics in order to get a satisfying eating experience. Moreover, try to be aware of how food impacts your physical and psychological health, and how important it is for you to eat the right things. Make eating an activity that you enjoy, instead of something you have to do in order to survive.

How Can You Eat More Mindfully?: Mindful Eating Tips

1. Eat Slower

Even though mindful eating doesn’t only entail eating slower, this is something you should do regardless. Because of our busy schedules, most of us tend to eat extremely fast. This is something that can affect our health, since our bodies don’t have time to digest the food properly. Moreover, eating fast robs us of the experience. Next time you eat, try to slow down, notice the taste of the food, and enjoy the process.

2. Eat in Silence

Eating in silence is another thing people tend to ignore nowadays. Sure, it can be difficult to be completely silent when you’re eating lunch with someone, but keeping silent allows you to be more mindful of the food you ingest. If you have a captivating conversation with someone over dinner, you might realize you’ve finished the meal and you don’t remember anything about it. This can also lead to eating more than necessary. If at all possible, try to eat in silence and savor the food.

3. Know More About the Food You Eat

Finally, mindful eating also involves knowing where your food comes from, how it’s produced, how healthy it is, and so on. You can be more mindful of the food you eat by growing your own. Or you can buy from farmer’s markets instead of supermarkets.

We hope we’ve managed to convince you of the many mindful eating benefits. For even more mindfulness in your life, check out one of our previous guides on mindfulness exercises.

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Author: Amanda Knowles