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5 Microsoft Word Tips that Will Make You an Expert

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Life hacks come in many shapes and sizes, and we are generally grateful for all of them. Especially when they make our work easier. Word is by far the most popular writing solution available in the world. Therefore, when you find some life hacks that teach you how to make it even easier and faster to use, you know you’ve struck gold. Here are five Microsoft Word tips to keep you on your toes.

1. Insert Hyperlinks the Smart Way

Once you learn this, we promise you’ll never go back to the old-fashioned way of inserting a hyperlink in Word. Select or highlight the anchor text (words) you want to use for the hyperlink. Press the combination Ctrl + K. Paste the URL. Hit Enter. You’re welcome!

2. Smart Lookup

This is a quick way to access the internet right from within Word. Highlight any word or phrase you are interested in, right click, and choose Smart Lookup from the menu. A window will appear on the right of the Word screen showing you different kinds of results. You will, first and foremost get the definition of that word as well as synonyms, from different dictionaries online. This is Word, after all. But, depending on the search, you also get Wikipedia entries and such.

3. Select Anything You Want

A new feature of Word is that it now allows you to select absolutely any part of the document you want. Literally any part. With traditional versions of Word, you could only select horizontally rows of words. Now you can select vertical portions as well, you can select the middle vertical part of your document and anything else that crosses your mind. Just press Alt before selecting.

4. No More Straining Your Eyes

If you need to go through long documents, Word’s white background can be a nuisance. Or maybe you just dislike it. Not with these Microsoft Word tips though. You can now change it if you want. Go to the icon on the View Ribbon and switch to Read Mode. Select View, then select Page Color and choose Sepia. You can also inverse and select a black background and white writing if you find it more interesting like that.

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5. Delete More at a Time

This might be an elementary one, but not many people know it. If you need to delete an entire word, you don’t have to press the Delete key for every single letter in that word. You waste a lot of precious time. Plus, a lot of users find it tedious and annoying. Therefore, you can use a combination of keys and delete an entire word in one swipe, making your work easier.

When you have a word that you need to be deleted, press Ctrl first, hold it down, and then Backspace. It will wipe out the whole word.

Even though we use this program every day, Word is still jam-packed with features most of us have no clue about. The great thing is that these features can actually improve our experience, reduce the time we spend working, and even make it a lot more fun. What are your favorite Microsoft Word tips?

Author: Amanda Knowles