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4 Incredible Mentorship Programs to Make Yourself Grow

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A mentorship program can be of great assistance to anyone looking for a way to improve their professional skills and develop new ones. So even if you already have a job and you earn a decent amount of money, you can still consider the possibility of some mentorship programs. Even more so, if you are a student, or you just started your professional career, such a program might be the best thing you could do with your time.

However, you have to make sure that whatever mentorship program you choose is indeed useful to what you want to achieve in your career. To that purpose, we decided to provide you with a list of 4 of the best mentorship programs out there. Just for you to get an idea of what they’re all about. Shall we begin?

Mentorship Programs to Help You Grow

1. Google

If you hear somebody say they work at Google, you probably think they have an awesome job. And you might be right. Google is one of the companies that are always looking for fresh talent. To that purpose, each year they organize Summer of Code, one of the best mentorship programs out there. Anyone can apply to it, and your job once you get in will be to write code for open-source software projects. But don’t worry, Google will also pay you for this. So if you are looking for something to do with your summer, why not get mentored by people with real experience in the software development field? Not to mention that you might even get a job after the program if you show enough potential.

2. Intel

Another one of the best mentorship programs in the world, the one offered by Intel is a little bit different that the one offered by Google. In this case, Intel does not offer each candidate an experienced mentor. Instead, they match candidates based on the skills they need. When you sign up, you will have to fill out a questionnaire. Based on your answers, they will pair you with another candidate. Once you are an official participant, you will have a lot to learn from the people at Intel and your fellow participants.

3. General Electric

General Electric also has a different process when it comes to mentorship programs. You will only get to be a part of their program if you were hired in one of the nine business units that they have. Once you are there, you will get to enter their Experienced Commercial Leadership Program. You will learn how to develop your marketing and sales skills, and your leadership abilities. In order to complete this program, you have to do eight-month rotations in your respective marketing and sales areas. But if you do go through with it, you have great chances of becoming an invaluable part of the company.

4. Time Warner Cable

The mentorship program at Time Warner Cable also pairs mentors with participants. This is so as to help them both improve their skills, knowledge, and reach their goals. A really great thing about this mentorship program is that it is focused a lot on employee satisfaction. Their belief is that if a company keeps their employees satisfied, they will perform better and be more loyal to the company. So if that sounds like something you would enjoy, you should definitely try applying for this mentorship program.

Now that we have provided you with some of the best mentorship programs where you can apply to, all you have to do is choose the one that best fits your skills and give it a shot. Good luck!

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Author: Amanda Knowles