Top 4 Marketing Videos You Should Watch and Learn From

Top 4 Marketing Videos You Should Watch and Learn From

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Video marketing is gaining more and more ground nowadays, as companies realize how much more potential customers are attracted to videos rather than to images or text. A video might make us more curious about testing a certain product, but that is only true if the video is actually shot properly. For instance, there are some companies that really know how to use video marketing and you can see that in the videos they come up with it. Today, we are going to take a look at 4 marketing videos you should learn a thing or two from.

4 Marketing Videos to Keep in Mind

1. Force Volkswagen Commercial

For the Star Wars fans out there, this commercial is definitely worth watching. Volkswagen has come up with one of the most memorable car commercials you can currently find online. What they wanted to do is draw attention to the keyless remote start feature of the Volkswagen Passat. They did that by using a miniature Darth Vader. The video is only made better by the fact that the company worked with Lucasfilm on a special edition Passat which is Star Wars themed.

2. Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?”

As a company that wants to use more video marketing to attract customers, you should consider opening an YouTube account for your business. For instance, we would like to draw your attention to the series called “Will It Blend?” This series became popular when they put some new iPhones into a blender. Now, there are many more things that they are testing to see if they blend, and the videos are quite popular. That is because they are entertaining and they promote the company’s powerful blenders at the same time. They are great examples of an unique and original video marketing idea.

3. Android’s “Friends Furever”

Let’s face it, everyone loves to watch videos of cute animals. There are slim to none chances that you will fail to attract the public’s attention if you use animals in your videos. For instance, the “Friends Furever” video from Android was 2015’s most-shared video ad. The video doesn’t necessarily rely on original content, but it uses adorable clips of animal who were unlikely to become friends to promote the idea of shared experiences. This video ad shows how tapping into people’s emotions is oftentimes a great marketing strategy.

4. Facebook’s “Tips” Series

Finally, another way to make use of video marketing is to create a series of videos that provide people with tips on how to use your product or service. This is what Facebook accomplished with their “Tips” series. It contains 12 different videos that present functions of the social media platform and connect them to relatable scenarios. They are easy to understand and short. This is great news since the average user doesn’t afford to spend that much time watching a video. For instance, their video about stickers shows you how to express something when you can’t find the right words.

These awesome marketing videos have done more than entertain us. They have convinced us that video marketing done right can be extremely beneficial for your business.

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Author: Amanda Knowles