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6 Tips for Managing Millennials in the Workplace

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In case you’re not familiar with the concept, the term millennials designates the people who are born between 1980 and 2000. Some claim that the name applies to people who were born in fact between 1981 and 1999, but that’s just a detail. Generally, this generation is characterized by a positive attitude and they seek feedback. Moreover, they want diverse tasks which they are sure of accomplishing. Even marketing to millennials is completely different. In this case, what’s the best approach to managing millennials in the workplace?

Managing Millennials in the Workplace 101

1. Offer a Clear Structure

Millennials work best with a clear structure. As such, make sure you offer clear due dates for reports, regular hours for the job and a set schedule for each day. State your goals clearly and assess their progress. They also love to know what are the success factors and to have their assignments defined.

2. Offer Leadership and Guidance

An important part of managing millennials in the workplace is to offer them some guidance. In general, they want to learn from you and to look up to you. Daily feedback is also important in this scheme of things, so keep that in mind. Find solutions for teaching and coaching. One thing that people appreciate about millennials is the fact that they are committed and want to evolve.

3. Be Positive

As we said, this generation has a very positive view. You should reflect their attitude and stimulate their positive self-image. They are used to being told they can do anything they want, so if you use this to your advantage, it will be great. You shouldn’t contain them in any way if you want the best results.

4. Encourage Team Work

Millennials are used to working in groups and teams, so take advantage of that. They know a team can work better towards achieving a goal than an individual. Their mindset is used to seeing team success. You can tie this in with the previous advice, and set up mentorship and training programs for groups.

5. Listen to Them

Communication is particularly important for millennials, so you shouldn’t ignore that. Make time to listen to their ideas and opinions. The key thing in managing millennials in the workplace is to understand their mindset. Think about the fact that they have had the best listening parents in the entire history. As such, they are used to being treated as important.

6. Challenge and Change Them

This generation is always up for a challenge. For them, being bored is the worst thing ever. At work, they are always seeking challenging tasks. The worst thing you could do is to ignore their contribution or trivialize it.


All in all, managing millennials in the workplace is not such a hard task. Keep in mind to have a positive attitude and to stimulate them. Constant challenges are not a problem for them if they feel appreciated. Moreover, remember that they believe they can do anything, which is excellent for your company. Finally, remember to focus on team work and to give plenty of feedback.

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Author: Amanda Knowles