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4 Expert Opinions on Learning from Failure

learning from failure

There’s a saying that postulates the idea that everything happens for a reason. Evidently, that would include all the bad things and failures that happen to us in life. Whether you believe in it or not, what is true is the fact that there are a great deal of lessons to be learned from our failure. So, maybe this is why they are meant to happen. To teach us a lesson. Here are four experts ready to explain why it’s important to treat failures as teachers and why learning from failure is important.

1. Blessings from Failure, Losing, and Rejection | Thai Nguyen

Writer and editor Thai Nguyen has a wonderful perspective to share with us. He has found a number of blessings that come from experiences related to losing, rejection, and failure.

  • Uncovering new skills
  • Discovering who your real friends are
  • Clarifying your passions
  • Getting rid of pride
  • Asking for help

2. Ted Talks to Overcome Your Fear of Failure | Matthew Turner

The amazing and outstanding Matthew Turner is the author of The Successful Mistake: How 163 of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Transform Failure Into Success. He has also done us all a favor and compiled a list of Ted Talks that will help us overcome our fear of failure.

3. Failure as Your Best Teacher | Daniel Milstein

In case you didn’t know already, Daniel Milstein is the founder of the Gold Star Financial Group. When talking about failure, he says it’s normal, and that he himself went through the experience while trying to set up the company. However, this is how he managed to learn the dos and don’ts of his business. Therefore, instead of rejecting failure and being afraid of it, why not trying to embrace failure as one of the most marvelous teachers you will ever have in this lifetime?

Read more of Daniel Milstein’s work on his Twitter account and in his book, Rule #1 Don’t Be #2.

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4. How to Bounce Back When You’ve Failed | Nina Zipkin

Are you looking for some straightforward tips on how to reclaim yourself after a harsh failure? Copywriter Nina Zipkin has compiled a list for all of us to use in cases of such strenuous emergencies.

  • Let go and allow yourself to feel all the emotions you need to when learning from failure.
  • Rationalize why things went wrong. Feel free to include a third party into this.
  • Make sure to forgive yourself. To err is human. Forgiveness is needed even more when it was not your fault.
  • Find things that make you happy and do them.
  • Meditate as much as you can to clear your mind.

Learning from failure is quite an easy thing to do when you look to experts such as Nina Zipkin, Daniel Milstein, Matthew Turner, and Thai Nguyen. They all speak about letting go, forgiving yourself and others, and treating failure as an immense opportunity to learn and develop yourself into a better and more successful person.

Author: Amanda Knowles