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6 Vital Leadership Tips from Business Experts

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You know those business people you admire so much? Have you ever wondered how they got to be such successful and inspiring leaders? Luckily, since one of the most important traits of a great leader is the ability and desire to teach others and share his or her knowledge, some of the world’s most successful leaders took the time to provide us with some leaderships tips. Today, we are going to look at 6 such leadership tips coming from business experts we all know and admire. Let’s take a look!

Leadership Tips from the World’s Most Successful Business Experts

#Involve Your Employees

This leadership tip comes from John Hingley, co-founder of the startup Dasheroo, who advises people not to keep any secrets from their employees. The more you tell them, the more they will feel involved and valued, and they will perform better. Plus, it is important for the entire team to work together towards the same goal. And this will only happen when everybody is familiar with what the goal is.

#Be Responsible

Michael Talve, founder and managing director of The Expert Institute, believes that you should never forget that you are responsible for the team you are leading. Moreover, this should constantly show in your behavior. You should show empathy and dedication towards your employees, if you want them to see you as a leader.

#Be Honest

Katherine Hosie from Powerhouse Coaching Inc. wants to share one of the most important leadership tips you should be aware of – being honest. Being honest with your team, with yourself, with what your progress has been, and so on. Never pretend everything is great when it isn’t. Instead, take care of it and move past it.

#Be Empathetic

Empathy, not sympathy, advises John Turner, CEO of UsersThink. Don’t act like you understand your employees, but actually take the time to do it. Try to put yourself in their shoes. You will see that they will appreciate it, because they will be able to tell you made an effort. Even if your answer will not make them happy, they will at least accept it as such.

#Show Character

Frank Sonnenberg, author of Follow Your Conscience, believes that great leaders don’t have to try to control their employees and use their position to pull rank. What they have to focus on is getting their employees to admire, respect, and trust them, and to show how knowledgeable they are. This is what will make them great leaders.

#Don’t Only Think about Yourself

When you are a leader, you are in this position to work with a team towards a common goal. That is why Jeff Harmon, founder of Brilliance Within Coaching and Consulting and author of The Anatomy of the Principled Leader, advises leaders to look at what the people they lead need. Don’t focus on how you are going to get promoted, or how you’re going to show people that you are in charge. You are there first of all to help your employees.

With these wonderful leadership tips coming from successful business people, we are sure you can model your own leadership style and forge your own path to success. Just incorporate them into your work and be the best leader your team has ever had.

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Author: Amanda Knowles