The Leader in Me: A Terrific Model for Raising Successful Children

the leader in me

The Leader in Me is a model that aims to teach children and students how to develop leadership skills in the 21st century. It stems from the idea that everyone can be a leader with the right skills. Furthermore, it aims to empower young people to be leaders themselves. The Leader in Me is an initiative of the FranklinCovey organization and school principal Muriel Summers. Nowadays, it’s a model that many establishments adhere to, in their desire to create future leaders. Today, we’re going to tell you more about it and why it’s a great way to raise successful children.

Children or students are exposed to this model every single day, in order to learn how to be more active and achieve their goals.

The Leader in Me Summary

The Leader in Me model relies on certain universal principles and practices that teach children the required skills to succeed no matter the setting. Some of the skills that the model insists on are: goal setting, critical thinking, self-directed learning, listening and speaking, groupwork, and presentation-making. This model doesn’t regard some children as inherently superior to others, and thus more capable of being leaders. Instead, it focuses on the idea that every child is capable of being a leader.

#The Leader in Me: 7 Habits

The model relies on 7 habits any successful person should have, as presented in Stephen R. Covey’s self-help book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The first habit is being proactive, closely followed by having a plan. You should also set some goals to help you achieve the end result. Then, you should only focus on what’s important to you. Think of ways in which everyone can win, and listen to other people. Try to understand them before asking the same of them. Finally, in order to be a successful person, you have to learn how to work with other people. Moreover, you have to find a way to balance work and your personal life.

#The Leader in Me: Lesson Plans

FranklinCovey has many consultants who go in schools and work with staff members to transform the way they approach professional development. The goal is to include leadership training into the typical lesson plan the children have to follow. Children or students are exposed to this model every single day, in order to learn how to be more active and achieve their goals.

The organization has developed a coaching system which includes community coaching, on-site coaching, and virtual touchpoints. The learning section is followed by sessions of feedback and reflection, to make sure teachers understood the right way to implement this model.

#How Effective Is This Model?

The Leader in Me is not an old model, but it has already established itself as one of the most successful ways to raise children with the mindset of a leader. People who have tested it out agree that it’s quite revolutionary in what concerns child and young adult education, and this is evident in the number of institutions that strive to implement this model.

We hope we’ve convinced you to give The Leader in Me a try. If you’re interested in finding out more about The Leader in Me online, you can access their awesome website.

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Author: Amanda Knowles