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How to Really Know Your Skills and Strengths: 3 Steps for Better Awareness

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What if someone were to ask you “What are the skills and strengths you’re most proud of when you think about yourself?” Would you know what and how to answer? There are a lot of benefits of knowing yourself and knowing what you’re good at, from being able to sell yourself to an employer, to realizing what you’re capable of, to improving the skills you feel need improving, and so on. Still, sometimes, especially if you’re at the beginning of your career, it can be hard to figure out what your skills and strengths are. Which is why we’ve devised a 3-step guide just for you.

3 Steps to Knowing Your Skills and Strengths

1. Think About What You Love Doing

Some of our biggest strengths come from the things that we actually enjoy doing, as opposed to the things we have to do. In order to figure out which parts of your work-related responsibilities give you the greatest pleasure, you can take a look at your resume and circle all the things that you honestly enjoy doing. It would also be useful to consider some other things you do at work that aren’t in the resume, but that you still love doing. Then, look at the list you’ve just gathered, and you’ll be able to identify some of your strengths. Just to give you an example, let’s say you jotted down that you love leading employee orientation. This could mean that some of your biggest strengths are communication and leadership.

2. Consider What Other People Say of You

Sometimes, you need a fresh perspective in order to figure out what you biggest skills and strengths are. The people around you can provide you with that. They’ve probably noticed what you’re good at faster than you did. If you don’t feel comfortable asking people about this, you don’t have to. Just think about the things they usually complement you on. They’ll help you find out what the people around you think you shine at. For instance, you may realize that more than one person thinks communication is your forte. What are the chances of this not being true if more people are thinking it? Slim to none, we would say.

3. Identify the Things You Spend the Longest Time On

Think about the following thing: whenever you go to work every morning, what are the tasks that make you forget about the time and just focus on accomplishing them? Most likely, the things that you feel the need to tackle first are those that you enjoy doing. If whenever you’re working on them, you don’t feel as if you’re working, and you don’t care how much time you spend on them as long as they come out just right, then they’re clearly a passion of yours.

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Which is why this is a great way of finding out what you excel at.

We hope these 3 easy steps to identifying your skills and strengths are going to help you figure out what you should pursue in the future.

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Author: Amanda Knowles