Top 7 Jobs that Only Require a High School Diploma

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Going to college is a luxury not everybody can afford nowadays. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a high-paying or a decent job without a college degree. Today we’re presenting you the best jobs that only require a high school diploma.

Jobs that Only Require a High School Diploma You Need to Apply Today

1. Installers and Repairers for Electrical Power Lines

This is a job that requires you to install, maintain and repair the power lines responsible for electricity. You must see what devices are defective, such as voltage regulators, switches or transformers. You don’t need any previous work experience because you will get on-the-job training in the long run. The average hourly earnings in 2017 are $31.57.

2. Rebar and Reinforcing Iron Workers

You work on supporting concrete components (for example, in bridges, roads, buildings, etc.) with the help of reinforced steel (rebar), rods and cables. The average hourly earnings here are $25.98 and you don’t need any previous experience. You will get through a period of apprenticeship as a training.

3. Millwrights Workers

This is one of the best jobs that only require a high school diploma. You need to install, disassemble and maintain various industrial machines. The repairing process includes replacing some defective or worn out parts. Just like with the previous suggestion, you don’t need any previous work experience and you will go through an apprenticeship stage. The average hourly earnings reach $25.31.

4. Industrial Machinery Mechanic

This job supposes maintaining and repairing factory equipment, as well as other types of industrial machinery. You may deal with production machinery, packaging equipment and conveying systems. The job doesn’t require any previous experience since you get long-term training on-the-job. The hourly earnings reach, on average, $24.75.

5. Mechanical Insulation Worker

Your task is to apply insulation to various equipment, ductwork or pipes. You may work in factories, businesses or other types of buildings. The apprenticeship stage is also present, so you don’t need any other experience for the job. You will earn around $24.02 for an hour, on average.

6. Community Health Worker

Your goal is to educate people in the community about the health care services, their importance, their availability, etc. Moreover, you need to discuss health concerns with them and send them to the appropriate set of health checks. You will receive a short-term training on-the-job, so you don’t need any other experience. The average hourly earnings rise to $19.30.

7. Restaurant Cooks

You don’t need a diploma to become a restaurant cook, just a moderate-term training which you will receive on the job. You need less than 5 years of experience, and the average hourly earnings in 2017 reach $11.74. Generally, you will prepare the food for the customers, but some cooks also set the menu prices, plan the menus and order the supplies.


As you can see, it’s not hard to obtain one of the jobs that only require a high school diploma. There are plenty of options, but it’s important to choose what you like and you feel an affinity for.

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Author: Amanda Knowles