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Investing 101: What Is It and Why Should You Do It

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Many people put some money aside each month until they reach quite an important sum. But what to do with 10000 dollars for example? The best thing you can do is to invest them and get more money later. But what if you don’t know how to do that? Today we are presenting you with a short guide for investing 101.

What Is Investing?

Investing 101: get out more money than you initially spent. You don’t have to work harder if you decide to invest, but smarter. The great part about investing is that once you’ve placed your money somewhere, you don’t have to do anything else, just wait for them to multiply.

There are lots of opportunities where you can start your investing. Whether we are talking about the stock market, real estate or other types of investments, there’s plenty to choose from. Banks also offer you the option of having a savings or a checking account, but that’s not always reliable. Anyway, the most important thing to keep in mind when investing is that your money has to grow faster than inflation does.

Why Should You Do It?

Obviously, there are plenty of reasons for which people take up investing. However, the situation depends from person to person, which is why you should think well before placing your money on an opportunity.

1. To Make Money

Shareholders can gain lots of return from their investment in a relatively short time, for example. The whole purpose of investing is to make a bigger profit than usual. Many people take up investing because they want to have more money in the future. Of course, many also think about it when they’re pressured to make more cash in a short period of time. If you’re worried about the outcome, there are also some stock market data predictions that can help you.

2. To Have More Financial Flexibility

Another thing to mention in an investing 101 guide is that you get to enjoy more flexibility. In a trading day, you can buy or sell the shares whenever you want to. Real estate does not offer this kind of flexibility, but it compensates. The thing is that if you know you have some extra cash, you are not that constrained to a particular job anymore. Many people find the courage to quit an unpleasant job after they start investing.

3. Advantages with the Taxes

Various investments, such as stock ones, can bring you tax rebates or other similar benefits. For example, France and Belgium have introduced a special tax regime for stocks’ capital. Of course, these will differ from country to country, but it’s still worth taking it into account.


All in all, there are many people who decide to take up this activity after finishing their investing 101. In many cases, it proves to be extremely successful. However, it matters a lot if you’re good at it if you know how to invest and where etc. Even though it may seem easy, investing is not such a quick job. If you still decide you want to enter this market, it’s better to be informed and to know what you’re doing right from the start.

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Author: Amanda Knowles