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Top 6 Internet Business Opportunities 2017

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It’s 2017 and everybody wants to get into the business. However, with a market that is filled with varied business ideas and challenges, it’s hard to get started with something. For this reason, today we are bringing you the best Internet business opportunities for 2017.

Internet Business Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss

1. SEO Consultant

Are you search engine savvy? Do you know how to work with Google Analytics? Then an SEO consultant business looks like the right choice for you. There are many small business owners who are yet to realize the difference SEO makes in the online world. You can start out by helping them and then you can expand the business.

2. Business Coach

This is one of the Internet business opportunities that suits better people who have some previous experience in this field. If you know what are the steps to be followed, you can coach other people in setting up their business. There are plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs out there looking for a mentor, so why shouldn’t you be the one?

3. Retailer

You know that in this big world, there’s an audience for almost anything. Whether you want to start up your organic dog food business or make dollhouse furniture, there are people to buy them. A specialized e-commerce store can find its audience quite fast. Just make sure you have a good web-hosting service that integrates a shopping cart feature. You can also use an e-commerce software to make everything easier for you.

4. Social Media Consultant

Social media is a large domain and not everybody knows how to deal with it. And this is where you could come in handy. Small businesses have to handle their own social media, and sometimes it can be hard. As a consultant, you can offer basic or specialized services in this field. Help them determine their posting schedules, channel their content for the target audience and choose the best tactics.

5. Web Design

Another one of the great Internet business opportunities is offering web design services. By now we all know that a website with a poor design does not present any credibility. If you’re the creative type and you also know a bit of HTML, then you can set up your own services. Creative and easy-to-use websites are accessible for small businesses, so why not take advantage of that?

6. Freelancer

Indeed, freelancing is not a business as such, but it is a rising trend in the online world now. Currently, more and more companies use part-time contract workers to fulfill their needs. The best part here is that you can sell various services. For example, if you’re good with web design and writing, you can do both and supplement your income.


With a little imagination and some practical skills, anybody can choose one of the top Internet business opportunities mentioned above. Of course, they are not the only ones available but are some of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs. Regardless of the option, one thing is sure: be a professional and results won’t take long to appear.

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Author: Amanda Knowles