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5 Inspiring Teen Entrepreneurs From Which We Can Learn a Thing or Two

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Everybody complains about how difficult it is to interact with teenagers. However, that age is also one of the most productive ones when it comes to using your imagination. Their advantage is that they are not yet confined by the limits society imposes on them, so they can think out of the box. Not seldom do they come up with crazy and innovative ideas. Let’s have a look at how a couple of teen entrepreneurs managed to get on with their dreams.

Creative Teenager Startup Experiences

1. Ben Cathers

Being only 12 years old when he started his business. Ben Cathers is definitely one of the teen entrepreneurs from which we can learn a thing or two. His teen project eventually grew to become an online marketing and advertising company that targets teenagers. Now he has two offices and works with 10 employees. But he didn’t stop there, and now he is growing a beautiful career out of his teen idea. This shows that if you have enough determination, you can make a job out of your passion.

2. Isabella Rose Taylor

Another successful teenage entrepreneur is Isabella Rose Taylor. For her, it all started when she attended a summer sewing camp. Then she fell in love with how clothes are made and soon started on her own path. She is the youngest designer that was carried by the famous company Nordstrom. Her first collection was the fall 2014 one, dedicated to juniors. In 2015, she even had her own collection at the New York Fashion Week. Isabella is yet another example of a project started at 13 years old which turned to a career.

3. Izzy Dymalovski

At only 14, Izzy Dymalovski embraced her teenage entrepreneur path. In 2016, she entered the skin care market with her collection Luv Ur Skin. She got the idea since when she was only 8, but she only put it into practice now. Lots of stores all throughout Australia are currently selling her products. Teenagers love her line of products because it focuses on hydrating their skin and it offers lots of varieties.

4. Jeremy Hartley

Far from being a regular teenager, Jeremy Hartley set up his own business. He is currently selling some classic-style watches. The teenager spent 10 months developing the idea and then launched his own line of high-quality watches that have an old school look back in 2016. Hartley was only 19 then, which makes him one of the teen entrepreneurs to look up to.

5. Grace Connor

The story of Grace Connor becomes much more impressive when you hear what led to her setting up her business. The teenage entrepreneur started her Little G Ice Cream Co. as some sort of therapy. She needed that after she developed some complications following the operation of removing a tumor in her brain. The ice cream company became successful in Boston, with the 18-year-old creating lots of varieties. Needless to say, all teenagers are attracted by her twisted combinations that charm their taste buds and leave them wanting more.

So What Can We Learn?

One of the most important things we can remember from these creative young entrepreneurs is to believe in yourself. It might seem silly to imagine a career starting from a teen idea, but it is possible. However, it is essential to choose a domain you love or it is your passion. Obviously, the support of the family is also necessary, especially when you’re a teen.

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Author: Amanda Knowles