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Inspirational Figures Talk About Overcoming Obstacles

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Obstacles are a natural part of the business environment. The more you try to solve them, the more they seem to appear. However, the solution is not to run away, but to constantly find new solutions. Today we are looking at the approach some inspirational figures have about overcoming obstacles. Let’s see what are they doing when they are faced with a problem!

Overcoming Obstacles 101

1. Mark Cuban

In case you haven’t heard about him until now, Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, the chairman of the AXS TV, plus the co-owner of 2929 Entertainment. Being so involved in business, he definitely knows how it is to come across an obstacle. One of his most important advice for overcoming obstacles is to listen. If you have a problem with your employees, listen to them. If the customers are unhappy, listen as well. As such, you will be informed and aware of what’s going on.

2. Chris Winfield

As a productivity coach, Chris Winfield knows how to motivate people and to bring them back on track. One of his most important advice is to keep a positive mindset. It may be hard at first, but on the long run, it’s essential. This tip is also valuable for the day-to-day life, not only in business. He says that a positive thinking will help you be more relaxed and thus find better and faster solutions for your problems.

3. Joe de Sena

Joe de Sena confessed that he is always ready to face the challenges. He was inspired by a talk he had with Jerry Zaks, who won the Tony award four times. His life story inspired de Sena too, and now he thinks it’s important to be brave. No matter the obstacles in front of you, you should never be intimidated by them. The simplest way is to think of an immediate solution and don’t maximize the stress around it.

4. Travis Bradberry

A co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and the President of TalentSmart, Travis Bradberry claims that it’s essential to be willing to learn. Overcoming obstacles is merely a mechanical task if you don’t learn anything from them. Learn what you did wrong and what you could have done better. This is the safest way to make sure you won’t make the same mistakes again. Moreover, he claims that this is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.


Now that you’ve seen these 4 inspiration figures talk about overcoming obstacles, it doesn’t seem that bad anymore, is it? As we have seen, it is important to be positive and keep an open mindset. Of course, nobody expects you to be happy when you have a problem. But why not make the most of it and learn what you can? Keep in mind what you did wrong so that you won’t repeat it next time. At the same time, try to figure out simple and easy solutions for the obstacles. Finally, if the figures above managed to overcome whatever stood in their way, why wouldn’t you?

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Author: Amanda Knowles