23 Inspirational And Motivational Blogs To Read And Follow

23 Inspirational And Motivational Blogs To Read And Follow


We all have hopes, dreams, and visions of success. But if you’re like many of us, the only things stopping you from seeing your vision of your life turn into your reality are inspiration and motivation.

With so much noise, it can be hard to see inspiration pop up in your everyday life. But there’s a corner of the internet dedicated to providing you the motivation to get out of bed, start your own business, or live your best life.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite inspirational and motivational blogs to read and follow. Are you ready to change your life? These amazing writers are here to help.

Our 23 Favorite Inspirational and Motivational Blogs to Read and Follow

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You’re here for the list – so, here it is!

1. Tiny Buddha

If you haven’t visited Tiny Buddha, we honestly have to ask: what are you waiting for?

Although Lori Deschene runs the site, she’s concerned with providing anyone the ability to tell their own story and share their wisdom. She writes about love, happiness, spirituality, change, finding meaning, and letting go.

Want more Tiny Buddha? Download the app.

2. Motivation Grid

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Motivation Grid covers entrepreneurship, business, and success with a heavy emphasis on exploring the lives who did it first. You’ll learn about what it means to be successful with stars ranging from Eminem to Stephen Hawking.

3. Ted Talks Blog

Think about the feeling of awe-inspiring motivation you get after a really good Ted Talk. What if it didn’t need to end. Head over to the Ted Talks Blog for further reading to take your favorite Ted Talk even further.

4. Mark Manson

Mark Manson blogs about happiness, habits, relationships, and self-knowledge in real, honest (and often vulgar) language.

If you’re wondering if this blog is run by the Mark Manson – serial entrepreneur and self-help author – then yes. He’s here to help you live your best life and attract the right mate by figuring out your own life first.

5. Oprah

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Find us someone more inspirational and motivational than Oprah. Go ahead; we’ll wait. Visit Oprah’s blog to learn the inspiring stories of faces you recognize and some you don’t. Download her Inspiration app for happiness and self-help advice for more motivation on the go.

6. Nerd Fitness

Fitness websites are motivational for a minute, but they deflate us as quickly as they build us up – except for Nerd Fitness. Nerd Fitness is here to motivate you to live better, lose weight, and get stronger without the attachment to beauty and body standards found in much of the industry.

7. Zen Habits

Want to uncomplicate your life and enjoy even the smallest moments? Zen Habits helps you make the most of the everyday by showing you the path to simplicity.

8. Wealth Gorilla

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Wealth Gorilla is for the business and entrepreneurial-minded among you. It balances stories, lessons, and motivational speeches and quotes to help pick you up when you and your business are down.

9. Addicted 2 Success

What do we want? More motivational quotes! When do we want them? As soon as we arrive at Addicted 2 Success.

10. The Daily Motivator

At The Daily Motivator, they understand that you need to cultivate motivation and inspiration every single day. Founder and writer Ralph Marston is dedicated to helping people to remember to care about what’s happening in their lives without succumbing to the noise.

11. Impact Theory

Want to dive into the mind of a high achiever? Join Tom Bilyeu at Impact Theory as he interviews some of the world’s most successful people, and free yourself from “The Matrix” and the cycle of poverty that keeps us down.

12. Everyday Power

More quotes – more happiness. Everyday Power dishes up new inspirational quotes about winning at life every single day. We love the funny motivational quotes because life isn’t as serious as we think it is.

13. Good Life Project

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The Good Life Project is more than words – it’s a community. We love that this blog is available in multiple formats from interviews and resources to podcasts and even a live version.

Camp Good Life is described as a “mind-body-work-life reset.” It’s a place for you to reconnect with yourself and to meet others doing the same wherever you are on your journey. Speakers include some highly-successful and inspirational characters from soccer moms to CEOs, so you’re bound to find inspiration.

14. Impossible HQ

If Nerd Fitness is too numbers-heavy or simply not your speed, try Impossible HQ. Impossible HQ believes in changing your life by using fitness to push you out of your comfort zone not only physically but in every area of your life.

Their goal is to show you that you have the strength to do the impossible.

15. Make It Happen

Make It Happen is one of those tiny blogs packed with so much wisdom that it’s unclear why it hasn’t blown up the blogosphere.

Rather than focusing on motivation or inspiration, Make It Happen is dedicated to empowerment, particularly through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Their goal is to empower 1 million people. We think they’re well on their way.

16. Uncopied Life

The Uncopied Life is an old and now abandoned blog, but we recommend sorting through the archives.

Head blogger Kim created a blog for anyone who is tired of being told what to do and how to do it. It’s for those who don’t want to be told how to think, how to act, and what kind of person they should be. She shows us how to avoid being a copy and examine ourselves and make our own decisions.

17. Escape Adulthood

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Remember when you used to hate naps? We do. As we grow older, we look at children with envy. They understand they innocence they have and how it makes life more fun.

Escape Adulthood plays around with this idea: it’s a “cure for the common life.” No, they don’t encourage you to abandon your responsibilities for a VW van. Instead, they guide you towards breaking free from stress and rediscovering fun.

We don’t just love the blog – there’s also an Escape Adulthood Summit that’s a retreat, conference, and party in a single event.

18. Year of Giving

Year of Giving is an old blog – and we do mean old. But it’s one to return to time and again.

It was run by Reed Sandridge who pledge to give $10 a day to someone in need for 365 days. He learned so much more than he gave about what it means to be generous.

Reed’s blog is inspirational, empowering, and shares real stories. If there was an antidote to 2018 – this is it.

19. Gary Vaynerchuk

This one is for the digital marketers. Gary Vaynerchuk gains notoriety through his v-blog Wine Library TV, which was, as you can imagine, dedicated to all things wine. His video blog transformed from a blog to a $3-million business to a $60 million wholesale business.

Not too shabby for being internet famous.

He’s also a digital marketing mogul. So, if his story isn’t inspiring enough, his marketing prowess will inspire you to reach greater heights.

20. Peace Revolution

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Peace Revolution takes a massive scope -  world peace and modern life – and turns it inward to ourselves and the way we approach our lives.

The peace revolution extends from inner peace to well-being including healthy eating and meditation while de-stressing your life. It also shares inspirational stories about everyday life and the unusual. Expect equal parts storytelling and meditation tips.

21. The Positivity Blog

As much as we love inspirational quotes and stories, we believe you can’t go wrong with a practical guide to achieving what you want whether it’s happiness, simplicity, or self-esteem.

The Positivity Blog provides just that. We loved that it’s not just motivational but practical: it’s filled with helpful habits, small steps, and big leaps. You’ll find something that will resonate with you.

22. Fancy Feet

Some people go through the unthinkable and come out the other side stronger than ever. Heidi Cave is one of those people.

After a tragic car accident, Heidi was left in a coma, fighting for her life. She spent months struggling through burn treatment and physical therapy, and she’s shared her journey through her blog. Heidi inspires us to turn to love and courage in times of darkness and everyday life.

23. Up Popped a Fox

Vikki started Up Popped a Fox to share the story of the courage she and her family need to raise children as a same-sex couple. With stories of acceptance and love as well as senseless discrimination, Vikki shows us the inside of the human condition – and that we all have more in common than we think.

What Inspires You?

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We love turning to outside inspiration for affirmation and inspiration. These are some of our favorite blogs because they dish up both time and time again.

Now we want to know: what inspires you? Share your stories or links to your favorite motivational blogs in the comments below.

Author: Jon Stahl