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How to Improve Your Business Writing Skills: 5 Simple Tips w/Book List

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In the business world, communication is crucial. Not only oral communication, but also written one. Which means that no matter the position you have in a company, you’re probably going to need to learn some business writing skills in your career. These include everything from learning how to write a killer presentation, to knowing how to draft business letters, write training materials, proposals, promotional leaflets, and so on. Because we want to help you with all of these things, we’ve prepared 5 tips that are bound to improve your business writing skills.

Improve Your Business Writing Skills with These 5 Tips; Book List Below

1. Be Concise

The first thing you need to remember is that writing a business document implies concision. People don’t want to read 3.000 words only to find out something that could have been as easily expressed in 500 words as well.

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Remember not to beat around the bush. Say what you have to say and people will appreciate your ability to sum up your ideas.

2. Be Professional

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be formal, but it does mean that you should refrain from making any personal comments, inappropriate jokes, or include gossip in your business writing. If you want to make sure that everything you wrote adheres to professional standards, imagine someone reading it in front of a large crowd. If you’d be comfortable with that, it probably means that your business writing is indeed professional.

3. Be Decisive

If you want your business writing to help you communicate as effectively as possible, it’s important to show that you have a clear plan in mind. For instance, if you’re writing a memo setting a business meeting, don’t just allow people to each choose the time that suits them best. Provide them with two options (at most), and ask them to choose one. If you fail to do this, people will struggle to find the perfect time interval. In turn, this will decrease productivity and efficiency.

4. Be Accurate

Accuracy is another important characteristic of business writing. Especially when you’re working on presentations where you have to include a lot of data, you don’t want to run the risk of it being inaccurate. Presenting people with false information is going to make you lose credibility. Which is why you have to carefully check your sources before actually including the information in your presentation. Similarly, only use high-authority sources that you know you can trust.

5. Be Thorough

This means that whenever you write something, you should never send it or print it before checking it multiple times. Ideally, if you can afford it, you should allow some time to pass in between checking sessions. Looking over the material after a break will allow you to notice mistakes that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. The main things that you should check are: syntax errors, spelling, typos, grammar, inconsistencies, style, accuracy, and format.

These 5 effective business writing tips are bound to improve your skills, as long as you remember to go through each of them every time you have to write a business-related document.

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Author: Amanda Knowles