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3 HR Trends to Keep in Mind in 2019 According to Experts

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The year 2017 had its own focuses on HR trends, such as inclusion, diversity, and employee experience. They all stemmed from the tragic events that happened throughout the year. Now, at the beginning of January, it’s highly important to keep these HR lessons in mind but also take a look at the trends already forming for 2018. Let’s see what the experts have to say about them.

1. Sexual Harassment | Heather R. Huhman

Let’s begin our HR trends list with Heather R. Huhman, the Founder and President of Come Recommended. The absolute first thing that needs to be discussed is sexual harassment. The end of 2017 was littered with an entire plethora of public men accused of sexually harassing women, which led to a huge scandal. Of course, sexual harassment is nothing new. However, this is the first time women have actually teamed to speak up so frankly and so publicly.

Just look at the #MeToo campaign or trend, the numerous open letters, articles or essays that women have penned themselves for outstanding publications.

There is an HR lesson to be learned here. Companies need to find new or better ways to allow or support their female employees to come forward if such a thing ever occurs. Evidently, the best thing would be that it doesn’t happen at all.

2. Explicit and Implicit Employee Data | Heather R. Huhman

Seeing as 2017 has already set the trend for the need for more data than usual on the people you hire, you will need more insights on them. This stems from the mass shooting events that sadly took place last year.

The interesting thing about this HR trend is that it will be able to use two things – advanced HR technology and artificial intelligence. Therefore, employers will have the opportunity to collect information about a candidate via explicit channels as well as mine for more implicit ones. The latter include productivity, emotions, their behavioral patterns, and so on.

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3. Employee Centricity |Prasanna Kumar

In 2018, another major trend will be employee centricity. In laymen’s terms, this means that, instead of the employee spinning his life around his job and work, the work will be modeled around his lifestyle.

Within many companies, employees receive the chance to work from home if they so desire as well as using their personal devices. In 2018, the trend will increase, companies allowing employees to log in from anywhere and simply work, as long as they are connected, easily reachable for conversation and instructions, and, of course, do their job.

Employee centricity also refers to career development, learning, feedback, and collaboration between colleagues. It is believed that all of these components, alongside being able to work from anywhere will improve productivity by a huge factor.

Prasanna Kumar is the Founder and Director of Bellfast Management Solutions Pvt Ltd.

As you can see, the HR trends that 2018 has in store for us are fantastic. They also speak of great changes in the workplace. People will be able to log in from anywhere and do their job. Sexual harassment is finally on the table in a serious manner. And mining for data about candidates has taken a whole new meaning. Which of these trends are you most likely to follow?

Author: Amanda Knowles