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Is HR Outsourcing Worth It?

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The Human Resources department is in charge of a lot of responsibilities in any business. Apart from overseeing employee payroll and maintaining files and records, HR also deals with legalities and mistakes can have grave consequences. A strong HR department is crucial to a successful business so that administrative activities are streamlined and efficiency is improved. HR outsourcing is a question that many businesses have to consider. Keeping an in-house HR department or outsourcing it has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of costs, efficiency, and management. Below, we’ve taken a look at some of them.

HR Outsourcing –  Advantages and Disadvantages

HR Outsourcing Advantages

  • An important advantage of HR outsourcing is that employers can manage risks better. An HR outsourced team can be hired to fulfill a certain function such as staying up to date on employment laws. Due to the fact that employment laws change regularly, this option will help the employer avoid any irregularities in the paperwork and protect the practices of the company.
  • Outsourcing HR staff is cost effective. Instead of expanding the office space or moving to a larger location, companies might prefer to outsource personnel. In addition, outsourcing costs vary so businesses can reduce them if they need to.
  • With the available technology today, outsourcing HR staff can increase a company’s efficiency. Outsourcing providers use advanced systems that help streamline administrative functions that will greatly reduce the amount of paperwork.
  • Outsourcing HR staff help employers manage performances better. The management plans offered by the providers include monitoring the employee and sending reports to management. This way, administrative workloads are also minimized.

HR Outsourcing Disadvantages

  • An outsourced provider might offer a lower quality performance. Decreased costs will not come with the guarantee that the provider will be successful. A poor performance from the HR team will have a negative impact on the company as a whole.
  • Setting a distance between the outsourced team and the company might lead to a negative perception. If the HR team is not easily accessible and delays repeatedly occur, frustrations will grow. In addition, other employees might think there is a possibility that the company will outsource other departments as well.
  • The outsourced team is not as familiar with the environment of a company as well as a regular employee. Therefore, they might hire people that do not fit with the company culture. If the same mindset transfers to the new employees, the overall performance of the company decreases.
  • When outsourcing HR functions, information leaks might happen. Generally, the vendor needs to know sensitive information about a company’s inner workings or structure for a quality overall performance. An information leak might happen during the exchange, perhaps even deliberately.
  • There is also the possibility of giving too much control to the outsourced HR team. This might lead to a dependency on the outsourced provider that will hinder the proper operation of the company. Also, if the provider changes the terms of the agreement, the company will suffer.

Final Words

The HR department is highly responsible for the inner workings of a company to be successful and efficient. While outsourcing the team is cost-effective and requires less paper, information leaks might occur or the overall performance of the company might suffer if the outsourced provider offers low-quality services. By having the pros and cons at hand, you can choose the option that fits your business best.

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Author: Amanda Knowles