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How to Stay Happy at Work and Get Better Results

how to stay happy at work

You already know what they say. It’s not work if you love it. However, now it’s time to give some meaning to those empty words and start living by them. A happy workplace is not something you stumble upon or a given. You have to build it. And we’ll show you how. Here are some tips on how to stay happy at work.

1. Understand It’s All Up to You

As stated in the introduction, there is no such thing as a perfect working environment, where everyone gets along like one, huge happy family, butterflies fly merrily out of desk drawers, and there are Danishes in the kitchen every day. In fact, a realistic office space looks exactly like, well… The Office.

Therefore, it’s all up to you to make yourself happy. Always focus on the positive things that are happening around. Stay away from the negative people, the ones you don’t like or who don’t like you, or the ones who are simply toxic, such as office gossipers.

2. Ask for Feedback

Your job is highly important to you. You painstakingly went to college and studied to become what you are now, you work hard every day, and hope to advance in position one day. The only way you can do that is if you know how things are going right now. Therefore, if you’re not getting any feedback from your manager or employer, don’t be shy. Ask for it.

The same goes for the feedback you believe was incorrect. Always stand up for yourself, your work ethics and your work in general. Do not let others discredit you with bad reviews. Remember that people have hidden agendas.

3. People Do Not Change

If you feel there are people in the office that you simply cannot mix with and this makes you unhappy, just embrace it. Do not try to change them. Remember that this is not your family. They are your colleagues and nothing more. Never be mean or rude to anyone. Should you feel that you cannot work with that person, kindly address the situation with your manager and explain what is bothering you. But be reasonable. Trying to change a person is not an option. People have the right to be who they are.

4. Keep Your Eyes on the Positive Things

Even though there might be things in the workplace that make you unhappy, the reverse is also true. Try to find those things that make you happy and focus on them instead. It can be anything. The morning commute which gives you time to read, your colleagues with whom you laugh and have a great time, Pizza Thursdays, Christmas bonuses, the great view from your window, discounts on all the company’s products, and so on.

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5. The Secret Stash

This is a crucial piece of advice on how to stay happy at work. Although quitting a job should not necessarily be on your agenda and you should always strive to keep a workplace, sometimes it’s simply not possible. No matter the reasons themselves, be it the work, the people or the management, the job simply makes you too unhappy to continue.

When this situation arises, you must leave. And when you do, you will need a fund to live on until you get another job. Therefore, try to put a little money aside every month for this. It will keep you happy that you are in control of your life and able to walk out the door anytime you choose.

Here are five easy tips on how to stay happy at work. As soon as you start applying them, you will see that your working life will change for the better immediately. How about you? What are your favorite tips and tricks for staying happy at your job? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author: Amanda Knowles