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How to Start a Tutoring Business to Increase Your Revenue

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If you have a passion for education but for one reason or another you never got to chance to teach, know that there are some alternatives. One of the most convenient ones is to start tutoring people on various subjects. Today we are going to have a look at how to start a tutoring business that can supplement your revenue.

How to Start a Tutoring Business Step by Step

1. Do Some Market Research

Before you get to doing anything directly related to your business, it’s time to do some research. Find out how many tutors are in your area that teach the same subject as you do. If there are a lot, chances are you can’t ask for a higher price if you want people to call you. Moreover, your competitors may already have a client base and a reputation.

2. Choose Where to Run the Business

When it comes to the location of your business, you have two options: your place or the client’s place. Many parents prefer to call the tutors to their homes. Naturally, each of the options has its own costs, such as travel or insurance. It all comes down to your personal preference in the end. Some prefer to ask their students to come to their place, while others think it’s better to go to their place.

3. Know the Subject

Another thing you must check before learning how to start a tutoring business is the subject. You cannot tutor anybody if you’re not familiar enough with the topic. Even though you don’t need to be a qualified teacher to be able to tutor people, you will be more successful if you have some qualifications. Understand the school and the examination system, since children and parents care about improving the grades. If you want to employ further staff, make sure they know as much as they can about it as well.

4. Marketing and Promotion

Part of a tutoring business is the marketing and promotion. Usually, this is done through word of mouth. However, there are some other, more complicated ways in which you can make people know about your business. Flyers and online advertisements are such examples. Alternatively, you can also put up posters in your area or talk to the local school and seal a deal.

5. Set Up an Agency

In the best-case scenario, your small tutoring business will turn into an agency. Just like you learned how to start a tutoring business, you can learn how to run an agency too. Hire more people, but make sure they are qualified or they know the subjects they teach. However, it’s important for you to continue tutoring as well. This will help you set up a bigger client base and boost your reputation.


All in all, the simple steps above can make you understand how to start a tutoring business and how to make it successful. It’s important to invest time, know the market, and create a reputation. Hire only good and professional people and remember to promote yourself.

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Author: Amanda Knowles