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How to Start Over in Life with No Money

how to start over in life with no money

What does broke mean exactly when you’re starting your life all over again? Is it a hopeless position or a chance for you to rise up from the ground like a phoenix? Here are some things you need to know about this predicament as well as how to start over in life with no money.

1. Take a Good Look at Yourself

This has to be the start of every journey you take in this lifetime. Examining yourself is highly important. Here are a few things you can ask yourself in this process.

  • What exactly caused you problems and made you want to start your life all over again?
  • If you reboot your life, will it fix those problems, or will it just delay them for a while?
  • Can you fix some of them without such an extreme measure?
  • Is this an emotional or a rational decision?
  • What are you leaving behind and what do you hope to gain in the life that’s beginning?

2. The Things That Need to Change in You Are…

When you cannot change your life via money because your budget doesn’t allow it, you can start by changing yourself. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Considering the way you approach romantic relationships, what is it that you would change in order to make them more successful?
  • Which habits do you need to break and not keep repeating in your new life?
  • Take into account your financial life. Why is it that you don’t have any money now? What could you have done differently? What will you do in your new life to ensure you have more money?
  • Can you be a better employee?

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3. Make a List and Stick to It

It’s time to make a list on how to start over in life with no money and stick to it. On this list, you have to put down all the things you think you have to do in your new life so that you can be a lot more successful this time around. Here are a few suggestions. Evidently, these are not set in stone, being merely examples. Everyone’s list will be personalized according to each individual’s personal experience.

  • I will open up a bank account.
  • Next year, I will finish my college degree or start taking new classes in a field I am interested.
  • I will apply for new jobs.
  • As far as my resume goes, I will update my job skills to enhance my chances of getting a new and better job.
  • I will join the gym, start dieting or exercising more.
  • Effective immediately, I will reconnect with old friends that I’ve missed or family that I’ve lost contact with.
  • At the opposite end of social relations, I will cut all toxic friends and family out of my life.

Knowing how to start over in life with no money is not everything. You also need a lot of willpower to go through with it as well as the knowledge that it might take you years to do so. However, once you get at the end of the process, you will feel a satisfaction that cannot be compared to anything else in the world.

Author: Amanda Knowles