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How to Start Freelancing with Zero Experience and No Portfolio

how to start freelancing beginner's pack

You might think that starting to freelance when you have no experience and no portfolio to show your potential clients is impossible. However, more and more people are relying on freelancing nowadays. What’s more, you will notice that not all of them have experience. Even so, they still manage to find work and make a living. Would you like to be one of them? Then you will be happy with what we’ve prepared for you today. We are going to be looking at the basics of how to start freelancing when you are at the beginning and you don’t have anything to show for your work. Let’s begin!

How to Start Freelancing – The Basics

#Start Your Own Blog

Starting a blog is a great first step that you can take in your journey with freelancing. If you were wondering how to start freelancing without working for others, a blog is one of the best options. Apart from the fact that you can practice your skills, be they writing, web design, graphics design, and so on, you can also use the blog as your resume. So whenever you want to apply for another job, you can show the blog where you have showcased your work. In order to make your blog more visible, make sure you share it on social media. Also, always keep it updated.

#Improve Your Skills

Now, depending on the work you want to do as a freelancer, there are some skills that you should have if you want to get a job. Whether you already have some knowledge about the field, or you are just getting started, there is always room for improvement. Having a strong set of skills increases the possibility of someone hiring you. Even if you don’t have any prior experience. So it never hurts to take some online classes or go to some seminars and develop your skills.

#Work for Less

Even though it might sound discouraging, if you’re just getting started as a freelancer with no experience and no portfolio, you might have to accept some low paying jobs at the beginning. You might even want to consider providing the customer with a few free samples. That way, he or she will be able to assess your work. If they like what they see, there is no reason why they shouldn’t start a collaboration with you. The key is to get the ball rolling and start building a portfolio. Then, you won’t have to work for less anymore.

#Provide Sample Work

Another great way to convince a possible employer that you will deliver quality work even if you don’t have any work experience or portfolio, is to provide him or her with small samples of your work. Try to diversify the samples. That way you show the customer you are flexible and can do any kind of work. If your samples are original, interesting, and inspiring, the employer might take a chance on you.

Now that you know how to start freelancing when you don’t have any work experience, you can start looking for jobs that match your set of skills. As long as you can prove clients that you can provide them with quality work on time, you will eventually get freelancing projects. Just don’t lose hope if it doesn’t happen too fast!

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Author: Amanda Knowles