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How to Sell Yourself in an Interview: 3 Tips for a Flawless Impression

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We’ve all been there: the prospect of yet another job interview can be terrifying at times. Especially if you are rather shy and not accustomed to selling yourself to a potential employer. Even if your job application is spotless, if you don’t have the right attitude, it might hurt the possibility of you getting the job you want. Sometimes, you have to be able to exude confidence and convince the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. If you want to learn how to sell yourself in an interview and make a flawless impression, you are going to like what we’ve prepared for you today.

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview: 3 Tips

1. Do Your Homework and Ask Questions

The first thing you should be aware of when it comes to making a good impression in a job interview is that you shouldn’t rely on the employer to lead the conversation at all times. On the contrary, before the actual interview, you should take some time to learn the basics about the company, the interviewer, the industry, and so on. This will not only prepare you for whatever questions the employer might ask you, but it will also enable you to ask some of your own. Asking questions shows you are genuinely interested in the job and enthusiastic about finding out more relevant details. Be engaged 100 percent and you will definitely impress the employer.

2. Talk About Your Brand

An interview is an opportunity for you to exercise your storytelling abilities. Your goal is to convince the employer that your brand will benefit the company immensely. Consequently, you should be confident in who you are. Show what your values are and what your purpose is going to be if you get this job. If you are able to convince an interviewer that you know yourself and are passionate about your work, you are one step closer to getting the job. Be articulate and make a powerful statement. If it helps, you can rehearse what you would say at home.

3. Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Of course, what matters most is what we communicate verbally. However, nonverbal communication is also extremely important when it comes to selling yourself in a job interview. People who aren’t able to look the interviewer in the eyes, are constantly fidgeting, or can’t seem to be able to express themselves properly, are not going to make such a good impression. Being jittery before an important interview is normal and most employers understand that. However, you have to show you are capable of putting your emotions aside and fighting for the job you want. We advise you to maintain eye contact as much as possible, especially when addressing the employer directly. Furthermore, try to sit up straight and smile often.

Learning how to sell yourself in an interview might not be as easy as it sounds. However, it is definitely something you should consider if you want to get that dream job. Check out our tips whenever you’re in need of some assistance!

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