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How to Sell Online Courses: 4 Influencers Share Tips

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Are you extremely skilled at something? Have you ever considered making money by selling this skill? All you have to do is create an online course and have people buy it. In order to make sure your course is going to be successful, there are some thing you have to consider. For today’s article, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how to sell online courses from 4 highly-regarded influencers. Let’s see what they advise you!

4 Expert Tips on How to Sell Online Courses

1. Be Specific

Whenever you advertise something, you have to be as specific as you can. People want to know exactly what they’re buying, so this is what you should provide them with. Co-founder of Course Cats David Garland advises people not to be too general when it comes to the topic of the course they want to sell. If you call your course “How to Be Better on Twitter”, you’re not actually telling the audience what to expect. Garland suggests two approaches to specificity, one by topic and one by audience. You can use only one of them or both, as long as you tell people what the course is about and what they’ll learn from it.

2. Choose the Price Wisely

An important thing you have to remember every time you establish a price for your course is the price has to be in accordance with the content of the course. For instance, Dave Schneider, co-founder of the Ninja Outreach blogger outreach software, explains that the more chances your course has of helping someone earn more money, the more you can charge for it. So, if your course is about how to negotiate for a better salary, people are more likely to pay a higher sum of money to have access to those tips. At the same time, if you create a course about how to be more successful on social media, a lot of people might think it’s not worth paying that much money for it.

3. Provide Simple Solutions

A lot of people tend to assume the more detailed the solution, the more effective it is. Chris Lema, blogger and public speaker, urges creators to consider the fact that most often than not, people are just looking for a simple solution that can help them solve their problems faster. Simple solutions are extremely powerful. If you’re able to explain things in a simple way, you’re more likely to win customers over.

4. Pay Attention to the Course Structure

Course design and development expert Priscila Hinkle believes that the way you structure your course can determine someone to choose you over one of your competitors who has created the same type of course. This means that the content you come up with doesn’t only have to be applicable and relevant. It also has to be able to provide customers with actual results.

We hope these tips on how to sell online courses have provided you with the push you needed to start making money thanks to your skills.

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Author: Amanda Knowles