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Want to Learn How to Market on LinkedIn? We Got You Covered

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Every second, a new person joins LinkedIn. As such, it has become such a useful resource for marketing and business that in the last year, it doubled its membership. But how exactly do people do it? Today we will show you some useful tips on how to market on LinkedIn. For the best results, try to apply them constantly.

Tips on How to Market on LinkedIn

1. Have a Complete Profile

The profile is the first thing people see when they look for your online presence. If they look for your complete name, the profile will appear in the first 5 results on Google. This is the way they learn about the service, company, product or other work experience you might have had. Therefore, it’s important to have a complete profile.

2. Connect to People

Lots of beginners on LinkedIn will say that you should connect only to people whom you know already. As such, you can make recommendations to other people whenever they want an introduction. However, the paradox here is that if you do so, you will cut out the rest of the world. This means you don’t have access to the other 85 million accounts existing on the LinkedIn. Think about what opportunities you may find on this network.

3. Customize the Websites and Attract People

This is a simple thing people should do, but most of them don’t. Create a call to action that will attract people. This is definitely better than simply having a link saying “This is my website”. Try to make it as attractive as possible, to have people click on your links.

4. Be Compelling

Have a look at random LinkedIn profiles. It’s clear that most people don’t know how to market on this network. They have boring profiles and from there you can think they have zero personality. This is the result of not being compelling. Add a brief interesting story, a video recommendation or a brief presentation.

5. Recommend Other People

We know it can become a fight for survival in this business world. It’s a nice gesture to recommend other people without them asking to. This is a great way of becoming popular on the business network. This can be a difference between good and great results.

6. Join a Targeted Group

Groups are an important part if you want to know how to market on LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter the domain you’re working in, you should focus on groups. Whether you own them or are simply a member of them, you can connect with lots of people there. Moreover, you can find out the latest information in the field.


Learning how to market on LinkedIn can be essential for your business. The network has become an important asset for promoting your business right. Don’t forget to take advantage of this useful tool. What’s more important, this can lead you to other important people in the industry and thus open other doors for you. But it is important to know how to use it smartly and to rely on the tools it provides.

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Author: Amanda Knowles