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How to Manage Your Manager in 6 Easy Steps

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The online world is filled with articles on how to manage a team. What about the other way around? Luckily, there is plenty of information on how to manage your manager as well. Today we are going to look at a couple of steps on how to achieve this, preferably without losing your job.

How to Manage Your Manager and Keep Your Job

1. Be Empathetic

Yes, your supervisor can be quite frustrating or annoying from time to time. However, a good way to deal with such situations is to put yourself in their shoes. Imagine how they must handle important decisions, organize tasks, assess results and think of improving the current situation, all at once. Moreover, if you’re stressed at work, they may be even more than you. Don’t take it all personal and assume they’re doing it with the best intentions.

2. Solve the Problems

If you want to learn how to manage your manager, you should learn not to create problems in the first place. Obviously, everybody makes mistakes from time to time, but it’s important to try and cut down on them. Your relationship with your boss won’t improve if you create problems instead of solving them. It’s essential not to add to an already-existing crisis or to create even more drama.

3. Become an Ambassador

Naturally, every leader inside the company wants to see their team performing well and being a reason to be proud of. Help your boss do a great job and support your own team. Moreover, take pride in what you’re doing and talk to other people about it as well. You can also help new team members to learn things and to integrate. Your manager will be grateful for your help.

4. Be Responsible

We know it’s not easy to take responsibility and to suffer the consequences for your own mistakes. However, it’s even worse if you blame other people for what you did wrong. When you make a mistake, prove to your manager that you know where you failed and how can you improve it. Show them what you want to do not to happen again.

5. Communicate Clearly

There’s no statistic on this one, but most likely a big part of the problems that appear in a company are caused by unclear communication or a lack thereof. Use short sentences when you express yourself and be clear when you want to make a point. In this way, you will facilitate your manager’s job and shorten the time spent on a certain activity. And if your manager’s job is made easier, so is yours.

6. Try Your Best

This doesn’t mean you should stress out your manager with feedback requests and questions. However, it refers to you doing more research and putting in some extra effort. Your boss will surely notice this and they will be grateful.


Learning how to manage your manager is not as hard as it seems. The steps above can help you build a better relationship between the two of you, without compromising your work. In fact, they will help you adopt a new attitude towards work and bosses.

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Author: Amanda Knowles