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How to Make the Perfect Resume in 6 Easy Steps

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The resume is extremely important when you want to get a job. It says a lot of things about you so you must be careful with the message you’re sending through it. However, it’s not easy to write a great one. Today we will look at some steps on how to make the perfect resume.

How to Make the Perfect Resume Step by Step

1. Include Contact Information

It might seem an obvious step, but there are some questions you need to consider. What name are you writing down? Will you use a nickname or the full name? Regardless of what you choose, make sure you are coherent. Use the same name on your business cards, online blog/portfolio, resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.

2. Be Present Online

Sometimes, your resume is just the starting point for a Google search. According to a recruiting survey, 93% of the recruiters will look up your online profiles before interviewing you. As such, they will appreciate it if you include from the start your link to the LinkedIn profile. Add some other links that might be relevant, such as your blog, portfolio, website, etc.

3. Know What to Highlight

Take the job description from where you applied and paste it into a document. Next, highlight the keywords and the key traits they require. Check your resume and see if what you wrote highlights the exact same qualifications. If not, add them right away.

4. Be Specific

If you’ve previously looked up how to make the perfect resume, you might have seen that it’s not recommended to be extra detailed. And rightfully so, since nobody reads 10 pages of job listings and skills. However, you need to be specific with your proficiencies and technical skills. Try to include them all, but not in a boring manner.

5. Professional Experience

Write your most recent job and go backward. The perfect resume contains the professional positions you had in the past 15 years. Even if you served in the military, put that there as well. Write there any internship or other work experience that happened ever since you started college. Include there:

  • Company Name;
  • URL of the Company;
  • Job Title;
  • Period;
  • Job Description;
  • Achievements.

6. Volunteer Work

In general, recruiters appreciate people who have volunteered. This means that you are interested in involving in certain causes or helping the community. There is a special type of volunteering, namely SBV (skills-based volunteering), which can help you fill any unemployment gap you might have. Write it in chronological order and include the skills you learned or applied there.


Learning how to make the perfect resume is essential for getting your dream job. It might seem complicated at first, but don’t be discouraged. Keep in mind to include all the details about your job and to highlight the skills relevant for this job position. Volunteering is also useful when you need to cover up for an unemployment period since it shows you care about your cause. Lastly, remember to add relevant contact information and have a good online presence.

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Author: Amanda Knowles