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How to Make a Portfolio for Any Future Job Application

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Think of a portfolio as your business card for any job application. It is what recommends you to the employer and what decides whether you will get the job or not. Since there is so much competitivity in today’s job market, you definitely want to make sure you have a top notch portfolio that stands out in the crowd. If only the thought of starting to make a portfolio gives you anxiety, don’t worry. Today, we are going to teach you how to make a portfolio is just a couple of easy steps. Let’s begin!

How to Make a Portfolio in 5 Easy Steps

1. Decide What You’re Going to Need It for

Are you going to send it via email when you apply for some jobs? Are you going to take it with you when you go on interviews? Depending on what you need it for, you should decide if you’re going to make a physical copy or not. If you are going to print one, consider the format. For instance, you could use a nice binder and collect everything there.

2. Decide What Should Go in the Portfolio

Now, even if you have the option of gathering many things in your portfolio, you don’t want it to be 50 pages long. No one will take the time to go through it, and some of your excellent work experience might get lost among other things that are not actually relevant for the job. So we advise you to only showcase your best work and the work that fits the job requirements.  Some samples would be great to put in so that the employer gets an idea of how you work.

3. Customize, Customize, Customize

We cannot stress this enough, you should always be able to customize your portfolio. What we mean by that is first of all to adapt it according to the job you’re applying for. Never go to different job interviews with the same portfolio. Then, think what would be the most representative thing about your work. For instance, if you are a designer, you should include lots of visuals in your portfolio.

4. Think About Every Single Thing You Put in Your Portfolio

What do we mean by that? Well, imagine the employer asking you a question about something you included in your portfolio and you not being able to explain the process through which you got there or what it represents. Before deciding to add something to your portfolio, make sure you have a clear idea in mind of the story behind it. Don’t leave anything up to fate.

5. Rehearse Presenting It

Finally, once you are done with your portfolio, you should learn how to present it with confidence in order to snag that job. You can practice presenting it in front of the mirror or to a friend if having an actual person in front of you helps you focus more. Once you are able to detail everything that your portfolio contains, you are ready to go looking for a job.

A great portfolio makes all the difference in the world when it comes to convincing an employer that you deserve the job. We hope out tips on how to make a portfolio have inspired you to start working on yours as soon as possible.

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Author: Amanda Knowles