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5 Tips on How to Make a Good Impression, No Matter the Occasion

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It really does take less than a few seconds to make a bad impression, and once you get to that point, it could near impossible to reverse the damage done. Most people don’t even realize how little subtle things they do can have a negative impact on those around them. Regardless the occasion, follow these 5 tips on how to make a good first impression, and you won’t believe how effortlessly you achieve your goals that day.

1. Change Your Attitude

Most people who walk into a room where there are new people are uncomfortable right out of the gate. Shift your attitude before you enter the room, just put yourself in a confident and powerful state knowing the rest of the room may be nervous. Not only will you put other people at ease, you will become a beacon that those folks tend to gravitate too.

2. Just Start Smiling

That expression about faking it until you make it certainly does apply in the case of making a good first impression. When you see someone in a room that you do not know who is frowning or looking mad, you tend to move away towards another more cheerful individual to start a conversation. Walk into that room with the biggest smile, and let your smile set the tone. Milliseconds after looking at your face, everyone will be more at ease.

3. Prepare to WOW Them!

Just before you have to meet new people, prepare in advance a short description about yourself that you can use to break the ice. This is not a networking opportunity where you tell them a 30-second story about yourself, create a 5-second intro that you can use to start the conversation. Here’s a great example for any occasion:

Hi, it’s really nice to meet you! I’m Tamara, Jeffrey’s sister. I’m from New Jersey, and it’s been amazing explore Connecticut this weekend.

4. Using Magic Words

Saying the wrong thing to a new person you meet can really get things off on the wrong foot. After you introduce yourself, don’t ask what a person does, you might put them in an uncomfortable position if they are not working or don’t want to discuss their job specifics. Instead, use these four little magic words to get the conversation moving. Once you are done talking, look the other person in the eye and say:

And how about you?

5. Compliments Open New Doors

Want to know how to make a good first impression at any occasion, take any chance you get to complement another person. Make it a point to complement others in the room on their hair, shoes, dress, or cologne. If they respond accordingly, it could open the conversation and really put you in a good light.

By taking a few extra precautions, you can easily make the best first impression. That little extra effort up front will pay huge dividends in the end, just remember it is all about the presentation.

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Author: Amanda Knowles