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Learn How to Keep a Conversation Going

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One of the biggest challenges when trying to have a conversation with someone new is continuing to talk. Though some funny conversation starters do the trick, there still are some moments when you’re out of ideas or simply don’t know what to say on the topic anymore. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to overcome these situations. Today we are going to learn how to keep a conversation going even if you’re not being creative in the moment.

How to Keep a Conversation Going – Useful Tips and Tricks

1. Say What Goes Through Your Head

Most people have a problem with overanalyzing what they say. They’re afraid that if they express their opinions they’ll appear uncool or not interesting at all. However, you shouldn’t think too much about this. Just say what you want to say and express your opinion on the subject. Make sure you’re not being offensive to the person you’re talking to.

2. Ask Some Open-Ended Questions

One of the mistakes you can make when you’re out of ideas about what to talk to that person is to ask yes or no questions. The other person may reply with a short answer and this doesn’t help you at all. Try asking them “What do you think about…?”, “Do you like this…?”, etc. They will encourage your interlocutor to talk more and they will feel safe expressing their thoughts on the subject.

3. Give them a Compliment and Ask Them Something

A direct way of striking up a new conversation is to give the other person a compliment. For example, you can ask things such as “I love your hair. Do you have a favorite stylist?”, “That’s a nice shirt, may I ask where did you get it from?”, etc. People feel good when they’re complimented, and this can make them open easily.

4. Choose Topics You Know They Like

If you know the other person at least a little bit, it’s easy to learn how to keep a conversation going. Simply ask questions about the topics you know they like. You can prepare a mental list of questions even before you meet that person. In that case, you won’t be taken by surprise when the conversation stalls.

5. Tell Stories

Of course, not bedtime stories, unless you’re interested in making your interlocutor fall asleep. The idea here is that you can draw on what the other person is saying by telling other stories. Whether they’re yours or you heard them somewhere else, seen them in a movie, read about them in a book, you can always share them. This will make the other person feel that you have a vast experience and lots of stories to share.


It’s not at all difficult to learn how to keep a conversation going. You just need to pay attention to basic things: what does the other person like, whether they want to talk more or less, etc. At the same time, try to bring up interesting stories about you, your friends, books or movies, to spice up the conversation. Inserting a joke here and there will only make it all more interesting.

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Author: Amanda Knowles